DMT and the Cosmic Library Card- Is it all True Series #48

Last week I did a posting on DMT, a chemical substance that affects the mind, pushing its limits to the max, and thus providing an ability to be with alien beings. I reviewed this concept with my daughter who is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology. She presented the view, much like Strassman was speculating, that it could be possible that DMT’s effect on the brain could produce hallucinations that are similar to any substance-induced hallucinations, and that it wouldn’t be unusual for these research participants to experience similar types of visions. Many psychedelic drugs have been shown to evoke similar creatures, so she doubts that this is evidence that points towards actual alien being activity. While my daughter has always been skeptical, she does admit that there are certainly things that cannot currently be explained and that defy scientific reasoning, and states that if people can believe in god, miracles, prophecies, etc, then they should be open to the possibility of other paranormal and extra-terrestrial activities. It is great to have your child think a little like yourself, but in this case maybe the apple fell a little bit further from the tree.

Now let’s talk about the Akashic records and the possible connection with DMT. The Akashic records are the records containing all knowledge of human experience and the massive history of all the Cosmos from the beginning of all time. Others simply call it the universal computer, cosmic mind, or the mind of God. Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) was said to be able to tap into this amazing knowledge. Others claim ancient cultures such as the Atlantians and the ancient Egyptians could draw on this vast knowledge depot to develop amazing technological wonders and see forward and back throughout all dimensional time. Also called the Hall of Record, this knowledge library, may be stored in all our human cells, but how do we access it?

Something important to note in the Strassman experiment is most of the volunteers who were injected with high levels of DMT went to the same place or the same gateway. This gateway I believe may have been the doorway to the Akashic records.

But at the doorway there is a gatekeeper (The Cosmic Librarian) who will only let you in if you possess the key or the “Cosmic library card” – called “Intention”, which is the clear, vision/ thought of your purpose, needs and wants. If your intention is crystal clear you will be allowed to tap into all universal knowledge and all our dreams will be created and met using the Mind of the universe.

It is all within us. DMT within our pineal gland may bring you to the gate and our intention brings us the solutions. It is a true state in our mind that we can all tap into.

By the way, my other daughter is going to school to become a special librarian, go figure.



Enter the Cosmic Library

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