Dreamtime and its Alien Connection- Part 1- Is it all True Series #275

dreamThe dreaming – dreamtime lays down patterns of life, a set of beliefs. It is a series of stories, topics about the creation of land, people, animals, plants laws and customs. It’s a complex system of knowledge, faith and practices. Dreaming governs the laws of the community. It pervades and dominates all spiritual and physical aspects of indigenous life of the Aboriginal people of Australia. These alien beings are called Totemic spiritual beings.
I came across some information about an Aboriginal medicine woman named Lorraine Williams. She said her belief go back to the heavens to a place of origin called Onegina. This special knowledge can be transferred from these alien being through dreams, visions dance, song and other ritual practices. Williams talks of a world of three dimensions. The first dimension is a place in space with pure golden light, the God place. The second dimension is the galaxy and the final dimension is the human beings.

Williams says that when the human tribes were bought to Earth, they were given the role of being caretakers for the Earth. These human tribes came to Earth from a failed planet, which did not survive the great galactic disintegration. The dream keepers here were in charge of keeping the energy grid stable. So when there is a galactic alignment, the Earth doesn’t shift and completely break-up. Now these shifts happen every seven thousands years. The only serious outcomes have been the splitting of the landmasses into the seven continents. The minerals of the Earth, such as gold, silver, copper and uranium have kept the Earth together, but because of extensive mining of these minerals, the Earth is most likely on a course of doom. This grid is called the rainbow circle, “the dragon.” It cannot fail because if it does, so does the human race.

The Bigfoot race plays an important role to keep it all together- more on that in Part 2.

Sleep tight, Dreamtime is a time for recreation and creation. It is there for all of us to use.


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