Dulce Conference Part Four: Ex-Public Safety Director and Ex-New Mexico State Policeman speak-Is it all True Series #82

Hoyt Velarde, the former Public Safety Director of Dulce, is the one who single handedly detained Norio’s Japanese film crew and nearly caused an international incident about 10 years ago. This day however, he was a hero of sorts, as he saved the Dulce Conference from a quick ending as we were forced out of our original venue by the sheer fact of the conferences amazing popularity. We were at 50% over room capacity, and the fire marshal was very unhappy. Velarde found us a new venue to hold all of the audience, and we thank him for that. He stated he had heard of the rumors about the underground base, but has never located it. (I guess meaning he has tried). He did verify the fact that over the years there have been many, many UFO sightings in the Dulce area. He also told a strange story about a school near La Jara Lake (maybe the entrance to the underground base). Apparently a boy, whose parents died of polio, lived at this school and got a cleaning job in a place deep in a mountain where many people worked and from there he was able to travel around the world. I am sure there is more to this wild story. Holt then said he would be willing to lead an expedition to any location to confirm solid evidence proving the existence of the underground base. Was Hoyt making sure he was in control of the situation or just keeping a close watch on non-tribal folks (probably a good idea)? And finally Hoyt surprised all of us by stating if we wanted to do a Dulce II conference, he would get the conference hall in the Public Safety Building as a venue.

Next, Gabe Valdez, a former New Mexico State policeman, was the main investigator of the many cattle mutilations in the Dulce area in the 70’s and 80’s. There have been others who have tried to connect these cattle deaths with the underground base and the beef hungry aliens who may or may not have worked in the base. But Gabe was quick to say that there was no alien involvement, and added no more information because it was too sensitive for our ears. So his talk was short and sweet (with no meat).

So pieces of information were coming forward, but not the smoking gun. More in coming weeks.

Sleep tight – dream Dulce, maybe in your dreams you can solve the mystery. You can go anywhere in your dream world.



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