Experience New Mexico — land of much strangeness– a Taos story

One night when we were living temporarily in Taos, NM I was awakened suddenly for no reason–that happens with me a lot anyhow. So not a big deal, really. I’ve thought there were prowlers in the house all my life, but no one is ever there, you-know–well, until 2 years ago when all the strangeness began. At the time our dog was 7 almost 8 months old. I’d made him a little bed on the floor at the foot of our bed. Nothing, I mean nothing, gets past him. He’s a standard-sized poodle, extremely smart and agile. He’s up in a flash at anything he hears and he seemed to hear everything, especially the movement of coyotes roaming the 20-acre property. So, I wake up suddenly and he’s not on our bed, as usual. I call his name. He doesn’t answer. I rustle the cover as I get out of bed, which will always wake him. I see him sitting up on his little bed as straight as board if he’s at attention. He’s leaning against the wall holding his weight up with one shoulder and he is stone cold out. I went over to him. I had to touch him to get him to respond. It was totally weird. When I touched him he straightened up and looked at me as if he’d been away somewhere, then jumped up on our bed. I said to my husband that there was something very strange and not right about his being out like that. But his take on it was that we had a puppy and who knew? Maybe he wore himself out watching for coyotes and was sitting at attention. I don’t believe that, even now. It was too odd as if he’d been, literally, switched off somehow.

Then, a few days later I can’t say precisely whether I was asleep or awake, but I woke to full consciousness on the heels of the sighting. We slept with the windows open. There is no A/C in Taos. Our bedroom had large floor to ceiling windows on either side of the bed. The house was an old adobe with 4 foot walls and natural window seats. It had been updated to accommodate a modern living condition, but remained quaint in appearance. It was 3 a.m. when I looked out the window. I saw these beings standing outside it looking in at me. They were huddled together in a group shoulder to shoulder as if posing for a portrait. They looked absolutely ancient. They had piercing blue eyes surrounded by reddish, thin skin like one would see in very old people. The red made their eyes appear even bluer. The eyes were not huge, but closer to the size of a human’s and round, not slanted. They had faces that looked like very old people, all wrinkled, large upper heads that also had wrinkles, creamy white skin, no hair, slight bodies (thin and frail), a small nose and mouth and appeared to be between 5-6′ tall. There were 4 or 5 of them–I think 5. I can’t remember precisely. But the eyes! They were piercing, simply piercing. They had almost white circles inside the irises too that, again, made them seem bluer. It was as if they were looking into my soul, right inside me. I thought they are curious, taking notes or something. Since I was lying in bed I couldn’t image why they were staring at me. Then, I know I came to full consciousness and they were gone. The rest of that day the feeling of not being alone, the quiet of the country, the huge trees and the hanging humidity from the recent rains we’d experienced was oppressing. I didn’t feel comfortable inside the house afterwards and I couldn’t justify what I’d seen.

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  1. I was Born and raised in taos and currently still living here. But I can tell you what/who they were. It’s a bit intense and most people just put it off but if you really wanna know email me

    1. Hey Derek, I wonder if you’ll receive this. I just moved away from Taos but I’m coming back soon for good, mostly because I miss the magical vibe. I’d love to hear more about your encounters and knowledge. If you get this shoot me an email back and tell me about it. ::)

  2. Yeah, me too! I lived there from April 2006 until August of 2011. I can attest that there is a LOT of “high (desert) strangeness) that occurs there. The “witching hour” is between 3 and 3:30 a.m., and I once heard a Bigfoot speak within 40 yards of my bedroom. This was a couple months after my arrival.

    I also heard what at first sounded like a dog whimpering by the bush in front of my house. Focusing more deeply, I realized it was not a dog, but something else that was imitating a whimpering dog. It was a good impression, but not that good. It was clearly fake. Something or someone trying to draw in a predator? Other dogs? ME? I can tell you I didn’t go out to check!

    On numerous other occasions, I heard odd whistles, made by… what? A Bigfoot? I do not know.

    Another time, during the aforementioned “witching hour”, I heard what sounded like a street sweeper vehicle in back of my house. Except that back there is a horse pasture about 50-60 acres in size, and street sweepers do NOT work in the middle of the might.

    A neighbor said she saw orbs back there. There was a LOT of strangeness that occurred in that horse pasture!

  3. If this link is still valid, can you email me also? I’ve only been here a few weeks and have “sensed/seen”things including light brown humanoid beings. Thanks.

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