Exploration By Mary Muñoz © November 9, 2008

I was 35 years old when I had my first remember experience of ET interaction that was not of human origin; like the one I met in college. This being wasn’t the classic grey that most people tend to report. His actions would not be considered harmful in any way. I had no fear. But if this was possibly happening in my life, then how many other times had I met him or those similar to him?
Trying to find the answers was not as easy as I had thought it would be. The one who I thought could give me the information I seek could not explain what I was drawing or give clarification to the experience itself. They wanted me to give a picture to float around the circles they belonged to, but something deep within would say, “Don’t.” And I didn’t, but that didn’t stop the nagging feelings or the questions to this reality I was now holding onto. Was this a onetime deal? I had to know. Then in walks Abe.
I have talked about Abe and our adventures in Dulce, but prior to Dulce we met under the most unique circumstance. There is rumor that we were soul mates picked by them, bringing us together to share this portion of our life journey together. If it had not been for his inquisitive nature and zero level of fear I would still be in my shell hiding the truth of who I am. Going to those I believe carry the truth to be only manipulated for their own purpose, which from what I have seen is not in the best interest of one’s soul.
There is a statement that is so true, but the result of it is not always shared, “The truth shall set you free.” Yes it does, but in the same sentence you need to add one more piece of information, and that is “The truth can leave you bruised, battered, and hurting.” But thankfully there is always room for healing; just like the ET and I shared in that moment of time. He brought love, light, and healing to myself; I just didn’t recognize at first, but he did set me free. Free to realize that this universe is much larger than we will ever know and the powers within each of us far exceed our understanding.
Bring in hypnosis; a doorway to the truth of those things hidden within the subconscious mind. Over a period of a few sessions I would begin to realize my moment with him was only a grain of sand in this vastness of what we call Earth. I had many moments, many visits, and many experiences that had all been hidden away for whatever reason. Some were good and others were definitely questionable, but how does one sort through that which is true and that which is false. It is a hard road to travel for some and it is one that I will begin to share over the next few weeks.


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