Exploration Through Hypnosis By Mary Muñoz © November 16, 2008

Hypnosis? Some believe in it, others try to dismiss it, and I was uncertain about it. What one believes about this form of recall is subjective to their own personal point of view, which can or cannot be tainted by their personal believes in reality. I am not here to make anyone believe or not believe in what I am about to say, because in the grass roots of it all there were many more remember moments, I just wasn’t educated enough to recognize them for what they were. It took hypnosis and a meeting to start connecting the dots of my life. Remember this, “Be careful for what you ask for; it may not be what you wanted in the end.”
The Introduction
I was seeing a hypnotherapist for weight loss in 2001 when that nagging question came to me, “Can you regress me, to find out if I am an actual abductee or not?” This went on for several months, when out of the blue I get a call from my therapist who then gave me a number of a person who worked specifically with experiencer’s, which is the term I use today. I don’t like the word abductee for personal reasons.
I made the call and heard a soft-spoken woman on the other end. I was a bit nervous in making this jump into what I consider the fire, and I felt like I was breaking a code of ethics somewhere, but it was something that I had to know. Since I was twelve I can remember always having a desire for the night sky and the stars that lit up its canvas, but I didn’t know why. Then at fifteen I saw two lights and a silvery object. I made the appointment.
Seeing a hypnotherapist is not cheap, and money was tight at the time, but the woman I spoke with seemed quite interested in meeting me after our brief conversation over the phone. Little did I know what doors would end up opening and the direction it would lead me; I agreed to meet. This is the day that I stepped from the safety of my rational thoughts and ventured into territory of the known unknown; my subconscious held the information until I was ready to view it face forward without fear. It didn’t all come at once though. The downloading, as I will call it, took years, and to this day I am still learning more every day.
Walk in Gloria Hawker
Most of you have read the work of Ms. Hawker in this venue. She was the soft-spoken voice on the other end. What neither of us knew is that our meeting had more coincidences than one could have imagined. We found out in our first meeting that we were connected more than just the idea of experiences, but a network of individuals who would be the makers and shakers of something greater, but more on that next week.

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