Exploration Through Hypnosis Part 4 By Mary Muñoz © December 7, 2008

My trained beliefs were now being challenged. Everything that I believed to be reality was slowly morphing itself into the manifestation of different reality, but one I had lived with all along; I just wasn’t listening, feeling, or watching for the signs. Soon that would all change, but before it could I had to travel through a dry spell of challenges wondering what this was all about.
I had one more session in early February and not much more had come out of the session. I knew that something larger was at play, but I didn’t understand how deep it would go. Then came August 2001…
I woke up in the middle of the night, about 1:00 – 1:30 AM. I open the door to the bedroom, reach over, and turn on the bathroom light to my right. As the light came on I saw, about eight feet in front of me a little grey being. I darted to the bathroom, slamming the door, and praying to God that it would not hurt me. The alarm goes off…it is 4:30 AM and my husband, Abe, has to get ready for work.
I am now struggling to get out of bed. Abe tells me to not worry myself, he would be fine, and he didn’t need breakfast. I then began to tell him that I had seen something the night before; something that scared me. He tells me to get some rest and he would call me on his first break.
Now I am waking up to Hannah. I told her I was not feeling good. Soon Abe calls to check on me. I am not myself. I couldn’t get a grip on reality by any means. I lay in bed, not wanting to leave, just to curl up in a ball. Abe suggests that I call Gloria. I tried to, but she was not home at the time.
Noon comes around and Abe calls again. He is concerned. I am still in bed and exhausted. I didn’t feel like doing anything. He told me that he was going to get off early and come home. He worked over an hour from the house.
Now the day this is occurring is a Saturday. Gloria was at a meeting that day and would not be back until around 4:30 PM. My family and I were at a loss at what to do. What had happened to cause me to feel so out of place? Then came the call and we headed to Albuquerque.
Gloria first asked me what I remembered. Then she took an ultraviolet black light and scanned my body for marks. This is another tool I would learn to use to verify things that were not quit right the night before. We can always pick up marks left with this device just as they would use in forensics.
There was a six to seven inch fingerprint on my right arm. My stomach is now churning. Gloria feels that I should go into hypnosis to find out what had happened. Soon I am back to turning on the light and seeing the being. He wasn’t too tall and was extremely boney with long thin arms. Traditionally I would have considered him the classic grey. Others believe he is what is termed an insectoid. What he was I didn’t know, but I do know I didn’t like it.
I am now in the bathroom, but I am not praying to God for protection. I am being surrounded by these little beings. They are coming in from all different directions, manifesting in front of me, to the side of me, and behind me. I am now lying on my back in mid air, levitating through the house. I am being taken through a window in the front living area. I am lifted up to a ship.
How long I was gone I don’t know, but what I do know is that I remember going down a hallway that wasn’t very wide with something directing me where to go. I stepped into this circular room to see others. There was a blonde haired woman, a man, and a child. I sat down to the right of these people. I don’t know who they were or their purpose. They stared only forward and seemed to be in a daze.
I then see a window in front of me and it appears we are in space. There was darkness all around with the lights of distance stars glistening as you might see in the night sky from Earth.
Soon I notice them returning the man back to his home; a metropolitan area. Then the woman is dropped off at some houses in a smaller community, but the child was taken to a farm in the country. I am now home and the alarm is going off. I can’t get up. I am too tired. I just lay there. And the rest of the day began.
If there were other occurrences I would have to review the tapes that were recorded during that session, but I tend to not want to re-live things that would ultimately cause me serious grief for some time to come. It is hard enough to except the unknown. It is harder to face it square in the face. Seven years have gone by, but that moment still turns my stomach, because I didn’t know how to react to it.
Would this be it?

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