Focused Attention By Mary Muñoz © January 25, 2009

To see is to believe. Did we ask for the ability to notice things out the realm of reality? Is it a gift? Or were we just blessed with strange occurrences? Most of our sightings lasted from a few seconds to several minutes, but none of them were explainable by the scientific terms of the day.
In 1995, on a warm summer day, I would step outside the church I was attending to look up and see a triangular shaped object, which was low in the sky. Interestingly enough it made no noise and without it removing the view of the stars I might not have ever seen it. It had passed as I was looking out into the night sky.
In May 1997 I was standing outside my home. It was extremely early in the morning, about 5:00 AM. I looked to the north and east viewing the high clouds that lightly blanketed the view. To my surprise I see a huge rectangular shadow glide across the top of the mist. My estimation put it in the size of many football fields. I had never seen anything that large in life.
Coming home from Albuquerque, New Mexico, approximately 2002, my family and I were traveling Interstate 40 and to the southeast of us was a rectangular object just not as big as the last one. As it hovered in the sky we see another smaller object come out of it. It circles it and returns to where it came. The objects had to be about four to five miles from our location. Shocked we pulled over to the side of the road to watch and see if it did anymore. Once we were safely stopped and began to watch the object moved slowly to the southwest. We thought about going to the next exit, turning, and chasing it, but being so late and the exit about two miles away we opted not to.
Early one morning, when we were taking Abe to work, we saw a disc zip by in front of us. The distance was about three miles away. We were traveling down Sedillo hill looking toward the Sandia Mountains when this happened. A disc was one thing, but then we saw three fighter jets in hot pursuit after it. Was this a new technology being tested? Don’t know, but it was interesting.
This is only a handful of the events that we have had in our lives. Most are short and sweet, like the ones listed above. Did we ask for them? No, but they were still there. Is it because we are blessed in any way? I don’t think so. I believe it is the fact that we look further into reality than just focusing all of our effort on the day in and day out chores of life. We observe and in doing so we become aware of the little things that might otherwise escape us. Like the child in Close Encounters; the little blonde hair boy who was swept away, he saw life as it is, not what society thought it was. He took time to listen and to see as we have done at times. My next question is, “How much more are we missing just because of where our focused attention stands?”

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