From Sharon Cheney — Love the New Currency

SharonMany people are in transition adjusting to the higher frequency of love on the planet. The frequency of the earth has doubled in the past fifteen years and the cells of our bodies are adjusting to this higher frequency. Love is the new currency for generating health, abundance, wellbeing as well as creating a positive peaceful environment in which to live.

Love – The New Currency

Scientific research has shown that our emotions fuel our thoughts and in turn impact our DNA. When we express positive emotions, our DNA becomes activated which in turn improves our immune system. So loving feelings not only change our biology but the energy around us. As it stands now, only about one third of our DNA is active. We will only find out what we are really capable of once it is activated completely through positive emotions.

The heart, through its pumping action, creates an electro- magnetic field that radiates out about 8 feet from the body in the shape of a torus or donut. Positive feelings change the nature of this field and subsequently contributes to the larger energy field in which we all live.

Recent research has shown that our bodies function with the same principles seen in quantum physics, which say that we are not separate from our environment but are in constant interaction with the energy field that surrounds us. This tells us although we may feel separate from others, we are not. Stephen Hawking, the well-known English physicist, called the planetary energy field the Mind of God. He says it links everything together therefore making us all one and interconnected. In addition, they have discovered that a numeric code links our DNA to ancient alphabets like Hebrew, Arabic and Sanskrit. The message in our DNA says that God is eternal and lives within us. Therefore we are all one with God.

Quantum physicists say our field of consciousness is like a hologram where each part represents the whole. The way we respond to life affects our personal energy field as well as contributing to the collective consciousness. Being heart centered and loving not only changes our DNA, but the larger energy field of the planet thereby creating a better, more peaceful world for us to live in. This makes each of us powerful creators and responsible for what we contribute.

We can improve our health and heal ourselves of life threatening diseases through love. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research has proven that our thoughts instantly affect the cells of our body. Positive thoughts have a healing affect while negative ones cause stress and disease. It has also been shown that positive thoughts and prayers by others can help us heal more quickly. The more people generating a field of love around us, the more powerful and effective our healing will be.
Dr. Emoto’s research has proven that positive thoughts affect the structure of water. Since our bodies are mostly composed of water, having thoughts of love and gratitude every time you drink water will improve your health. Group meditations have been proven to bring immediate results in cleaning polluted water, bringing peace and healing by shifting the energy field. Positive thoughts and prayer are not beneficial for only the above purposes, they can also affect the weather. That is why prayer and positive thoughts are so important.

Prayer is an excellent means to shift the frequency of the planetary field. The world is reflection of who we are so we must embody peace, love and compassion if we wish to see a better, more peaceful world. So live your life as a living prayer. Changing the world demands we stop limiting ourselves to what others tell us is true and listen to what our hearts tell us is right. Interestingly, energy does not recognize words. It only recognizes positive emotions, so it is not enough to say we love this or that, we must feel that love within our bodies and respond to each person with love.

Today there are many websites asking people worldwide to join together to pray for peace at a specific time, while other sites ask for healing prayers. The more people who participate, the faster change can occur. Whether you prefer to pray or meditate within a group or by yourself, all prayers are heard and have an impact. So please pray that there will be enough food, abundance, clean water and good health for all living beings on the planet.

We all have the power to change the world in which we live because we are all connected to the planet’s energy field. Changes we see on the planet are the same as what occurs inside our bodies as the electromagnetic field we have within us mirrors the one around the planet. The planet’s energy field is also a reflection of the cosmic energy field which is why so many ancient cultures built pyramids and other structures to mirror the constellations they saw in the sky. The universal law As Above So Below is absolutely true.

Love teaches us that we are powerful and all have something to contribute. We should not allow ourselves to be restricted by our beliefs or what others tell us is possible. We understand we create our reality and can change global consciousness just by being loving. To bring change to your immediate world, it is necessary to remain positive all the time. I know this may seem like a tall task but it is possible and the results are well worth the effort. I can guarantee that love will manifest positive changes in your relationships with others, empower you and generally transform your life for the better. It has certainly changed mine.

When we listen with our hearts, we develop more compassion for others and lose this “them and us mentality” and will respond with compassion when we asked for help. Remember we are all connected all the time. When we deny a cry for help from someone else, we deny a cry for help within ourselves. Imagine what our world would look like if we responded from our hearts and not our heads.

We are the architects of our reality, our future and our destiny. Through love, we have the power to change our beliefs of limitation to ones of acceptance and compassion. Being loving allows us to demonstrate our mastery over our physical world rather than believing ourselves to be powerless to bring about change. Of course, this requires we are loving all the time.

Understanding how we can contribute not only empowers us but changes us from being passive observers to becoming active creators. Our understanding of how energy can shift empowers each of us to be able to contribute to making our immediate reality and the world at large a better place. So don’t walk around on auto pilot or follow what others do. Allow love to flow through you and see how quickly it changes your life. Pay attention to how you choose to react to situations. When you are heart centered, you will quickly realize that the trials of everyday life will not upset your equilibrium.

If you need assistance to help to recognize what is keeping you from being a love generator, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone, and Skype readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451.

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