From the Dream-world or ? – Diane Camillo

Last night was full of many alien beings, some looking very different from those I have seen before.

Three of them were holding devises that looked to be like the size of those Kindle readers-they held them with the long way across them, how you hold a cookie sheet . The devises were black in color, one looked like the top of it was similar to what the bar codes on products look like, the being working it sometimes made it shoot out bright beams of light, like lasers.
The others seem to have a morphing type control panel, sometime looking a bit like a type writer and sometimes a bit like an instrument panel. One of the beings hovered over me and looked like I was being scanned, I felt nothing, I did tell them to stop and go away and that they could not scan me or hurt me in any way, they did stop and moved back. Actually I was not in fear at all when I said this, but more a feeling of authority. One got very close to me as if looking direct in my eyes, I said do you have a message for me, no response, I said if you want to communicate with me you need to speak in my language and be direct. No response. I looked around the others seemed to be leaving, this one stayed. Then surprisingly, Grandfather came very close to me, he started to speak to the aliens and they were actually communicating (telepathically). Grandfather looked at me and I felt very protected and as if all was fine.

Some of these beings looked very skeletal with deep hollowed eyes, larger distinctive jaws- they did not look like those who have had smaller face features and large bulging eyes. Two of them had very large odd shaped heads, their heads seemed to big for their necks- it was one of these that held the devise that looked like a bar code on top. They all had robes on, very little skin showing, their skin color was more of a pale yellow umber. There fingers looked like ours but longer, one of them seemed to only have 3 long digits. None of them had any hair. They smelled pleasant, like a waterfall.
In all I believe there were about twelve of them total.
The entire interaction took less than 5 minutes.
My biggest impression was how odd they looked compared to what we think aliens look like, and this was the first time any beings had any instraments with them, also I was amazed that I could smell something.
Abundant Blessings,

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