Gabe and Greg – Their World and Their Experiences – Is it all True Series #252

Greg Valdez, the son of the late Gabe Valdez, spoke at our September meeting of the NM UFO/ Paranormal Group. Gabe was a man who spent his life seeking the truth, a man after my own heart. Gabe’s police investigator skills made him a precise truth seeker. He investigated cattle mutilations and other strange phenomena including the Dulce, New Mexico underground base. I met Gabe at one of our first UFO meetings; he was a bit standoffish and I didn’t really know how to take him. But as time went on, I realized he had seen and experienced a lot of stuff over his lifetime, and he was very cautious about the information he shared and the people he shared it with. I knew I had gained Gabe’s trust in April 2011 at the Wake Up Now Conference in Albuquerque. Gabe approached me about the Dulce Underground Base and told me he would take me to the vents and entrances to the base. I told him I would think about it and that was the last time we spoke. He died August 7th 2011.
Gabe’s son came to our meeting and did a wonderful job doing a question and answer session about his own experiences and the time he spent exploring with his father. Greg fielded many questions on subjects including Paul Bennewitz, Phil Schneider, Cattle Muts, and UFOs, Dulce Base, Military Helicopters and the famous Gas Buggy event. Greg’s and his father’s bottom line conclusion was that on all of these subjects, government fingerprints were found. But this is not to say there weren’t things that he and his father witnessed that fell into the realm of the paranormal, UFO’s etc.
It looks to me that Greg could be, if he wanted, a great researcher/Truthseeker like his father if he wants to venture out and take the risk. And the risk can be big.
Sleep tight, for the Truthseekers are trying to make this a better place for all.

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