Gary Plapp – wonderful world of Circles – visits New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum- Is it all True Series #169

Gary Plapp from the Los Lunas Dowsers Group came up to Albuquerque to give us (New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum) his super crop circle show. Gary has traveled in the past to England and said there is nothing like standing in the middle of a new circle and taking in the powerful energy. And many of the circles have the watchful eye look, always checking us out.

Like Gary says, this is a look at the crop circles from a Gary perspective; dowsers can feel the powerful energy that comes from seeing these amazing beautiful images. This year worldwide there were about 100 circles, 60% in southern England and 40% in the rest of the world, with the majority of those being in Italy and Germany. And guess what? Zero in the USA. According to Gary there is too much dark and dangerous energy here (in the USA) for the Circle Makers to deal with. And I totally agree.

Many feel the group of dimensional beings called Arcturians are responsible for the Circles, which are right brain teaching tools. One look at a circle and you are learning a lot through your right brain.
The Circle themes varied this year; three themes dominating were one, “all seeing eye,” two, a look into a new world, and three, it’s all about multi-dimensional worlds (3D). The first recorded circle (image) this year was a symbol looking very much like a Star Wars Galactic Federation symbol. And guess what? The same symbol appeared in the final Crop Image.

I am now using the words Crop Images because there are only a few true circles in the images now days—they are every year getting more and more complex.

Gary Plapp and others who have visited the crop images have made another interesting observation that a Crop Image is a life form; it (the image in the crop) watches its visitors and records their life force. These Images are the Arcturians’ dimensional gateways – to further our wisdom and human growth.
Crop Images are the smoking guns the world agrees to ignore every year. But maybe they are only for the few that can handle their truths.

Sleep tight; the mysteries of life go on.

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  1. Thank you for this very insightful view into crop circles! It’s so nice to hear someone who appreciates the energy of the formations instead of debating whether or not they are “genuine”! I’m going to share it on my FB Fan page. 🙂

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