Generessa Rose – The Mother Matrix of No Fear- Is it all True Series #136

You know Gary the Dowser of Los Lunas is a bit of a mystic himself. He is able to manifest very interesting people/others to come to his monthly meetings and speak.
Two weeks ago was a good example; Generessa Rose had something to say from the world of the shamanic journey. Mystics and Shamans draw their wisdom from the simple waves and particles of the quantum field. This world of quantum powers all movement and non-movement; it is all of what is and what isn’t. To understand it, is to be a creator.

So, Generessa Rose talks of our pure spirit, our sense of oneness like she really understands it, as her emotions flow. She tells of thirteen shamanic journeys that changed her life forever. She saw and felt deeply the divine power of creation. The place she was taken to showed her the use of bits of essence (quantum mind particles). She was also told that to create was to serve the universe, and there was a natural joy to do this service. But humans in order to create have to clear out the personal “CRUD” which blocks our divine/natural abilities to create through the quantum field – our quantum mind.

She speaks about a term called the “Mother Matrix,” which I believe is the Zero-point field, a field all around us that is laden for creation. And all it needs is something she calls the “Father Force.” I guess we have a male and female thing going on here.
I perceive this Father Force as the quantum particles a human brain is capable of projecting into the ripe Zero-point field and, voila, something is created. Generessa said by tickling the Father Force with love and joy it makes a clear path for the particles to travel into the creation union. Sounds like a big cosmic orgasm.

Generessa also touches on 2012 and says it is our proactive duty to send positive energy into the grid of our earth, for an emotional/mind shift is coming between now and 2012.
And it’s important she said to repeat to yourself over and over “No Fear, No Fear, No Fear.” And as I say Fear makes you small and No Fear makes you very Big. She said start a list – “Things to do when the shift hits the fan” and be ready – in your mind.

Sleep tight, and remember for Mother Matrix and Father Force to create good things, keep good thoughts. For you are the creator – the creator made you that way.


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