Good HolidayThoughts From Marcia McCoy

Listening. Listening. Listening.
Dropping into a deep place.
Messages and images
whispering, whispering,
I say yes. How can I serve.
Synchronicity after synchronicity.
My movie is almost racing ahead,
what I think, appears. What I dream.
I think. The outside mirror and the
inside projector are finely tuned.
Harmonious and in sync.
Bless all the creators today,
in this finest of moments,
NOW is sublime.
– Marcia

Today, spirit whispers and modern artifacts
appear. Walking in silence, communing with
nature, messages float in. In the in between
moments, I hear. Thinking about, sacred geometry,
sacred earth, portals and vortex points. Today
a modern artifact appeared, echoing the imagery
that comes in dreams and day dreaming.
First image came in a dream drawing in 1982.
Second image was created as a sacred object
for conduiting Source in Silence.
Third image appeared today on my walk,
etched in stone.

Keep going co creators. The universe
is in collaboration with you. Shooting stars
and miracles are dropping out of the sky
like butterflies and fire flies, luminous moments,
Earth’s finest hours.
Love Marcia

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