Happy Birthday to All –to you – something good Via Frank Wolak from Gerald O'Donnell

Thanks ALL for the beautiful birthday wishes. I love you all!!

I never celebrate birthdays as yearly events but as daily ones for every day is a new birth, every night a new death. I am going to explain.

I am going to share a deep and profound secret for longevity, rejuvenation, and day to day enlivenment- a secret the old program of the old matrix, so imbedded in all of us and in all of our sciences and spiritual misconceptions, would not want us to integrate and live by it, for it threatens its temporal grip on us.

Forget years or decades as time stations, they mean nothing: you are not to be slave to the orbit of earth around the sun. You are the Sun/Son, you are the Light, you are the Star, and you are here to experience and enjoy the earth. Do not ever tag yourself or others as…. years or even days “old.” Words have power and you are programming yourself with that. Your biology follows the accepted programs we share.

In truth, you Beingness and ex-IStence is a mix of your Higher Divine Soul/consciousness coupled with your Lower biological consciousness. Your earthly Biological consciousness, i.e. earthly vehicle, is born at conception energized by the Spiritual Electrical Life of the Sperm, and is gone at biological death reintegrating the Earthly Mother’s consciousness.

Your Divine soul originating from Eternity attaches itself to your biological vehicle as you take your first breath and leaves it as you let go of your last one. You then come back Home to the One and await another vehicle/car being readied for your next earthly adventure.

Our biology, gifted and product of the Earthly Divine mother, is our temporary vehicle which is being fashioned for us to inhabit and let go of as we go back Home as souls. It is a part of the Divine mother which the soul originating from the Holy Divine Father will occupy for a while and propagate/reproduce with. It is like a car. You are only driving it and it responds to your thoughts and commands and requires great care and respect.

Sadly, most of us have forgotten that we are only driving a vehicle/body; we polish it, wax it, wash it, and lovingly take care of its exterior first and interior second. And before you know it, as we become utterly fascinated by the scenery, we start thinking that we are the vehicle, and identify with it, often competing as to who has a more glamorous and well-kept beautiful vehicle.

I am of course addressing our obsession with youth and beauty of the physical vehicle, which often transpires also in our obsession with the other vehicles we drive or physical structures we inhabit.
We may even think of ourselves (for some) as bodies experiencing a spiritual life or connecting to Spirit, not realizing that we can but be Spirit experiencing a body/vehicle. Many, if not most, only think of themselves as a physical biological machine and become obsessed with studying it and its marvels. They often end up making it their personal god and worshiping it.

This is the meaning of the hexagram or Star of David: The symbol of Life – as Earth and Heavens coupled and united into a sense of Beingness.

Why am I telling you this? Because in truth and unbeknown to most, you ALL go back to the Heavenly realms every nigh going back to the Higher Light as you fall asleep, and leave your Biological Vehicle/consciousness humming at a very low restorative vibration, only united by a thin filament of consciousness (the famed silver life strand). You carry back to the Divine Mind the information about what has occurred during that day and prepare new scenarios for the next one. You basically die temporarily every night!

You then reintegrate back your biology every morning. You are in fact basically “Born Again” every morning. To the soul, used to fly freely across all realms as Spirit, there is a slight moment of Mourning (morning) when changing perspective and reintegrating the biological vehicle.

What you fear as death is experienced EVERY single day/night cycle of your life. There cannot be Spiritual death, only biological one! In fact, as you fear the death of your biological consciousness most of you are afraid that your Divine Consciousness is your biological consciousness/awareness and may disappear with it, which is utterly impossible!

All belief systems we operate with, be they scientific or religious ones, are anchored in this fallacy of mixing up the death or birth of the Physical vehicle with the supposed death or birth of the eternal Soul which cannot experience any real birth or real death because it is the IS and Eternity Itself.

Basically what we experience as human birth is the moment when the two inverted triangles symbolizing Earth and Heavens unite as Oneness, and death is when they separate and go back to their respective origin.

In fact, and this would require a much more detailed explanation, The Divine Father and Earthly Mother are but inverted sides of the SAME ONE and ONLY. They are not two, for they cannot be two. In fact these two Facets/sides form the eternal Cycle of Creation symbolized as the Cosmic Serpent (The One) biting it own tail as the Penis (tail/Male) enters the vagina (mouth/Female) of the One and Same Being separating Itself into Heavenly (Father) and Earth (Mother) for pro-Creation’s purpose forming Loving Oneness and recreating the Eternal One in a Temporal manifested format. The Cosmic Serpent is but remaining and symbolizing in fact One, for the One, by mere definition, cannot be two or more, but only play the illusion of such.

So dear ones, if you could fully integrate this true reality of whom you are and how you operate as the “Star” of David ( “Beloved One”, anointed in the Divine Knowledge of Oneness as King of the inner Kingdom) uniting Heavens and Earth, you would bless EVERY day as a new Birth, a new opportunity to rewrite your story and a new challenge to fill it with celebration, happiness, and gratitude for being gifted for another day -birth and death cycle – the Divine Gift of Life. You would celebrate every new day as your real Birth-Day.

Every day is a new birthday… and if you integrate this, you will never feel that one day is different from another one, a year from another, a decade for another, leading inexorably to death and perdition. Every day invites new experiences and learning. We are not a product of our past but of how we view it and react to it. We are in fact going from future to past as we dream our future, live/experience only the present, and gift its memory back to the past.

To focus on the past and fear the future is to invite scars and injuries to remain, dis-ease, and loss of Divine purpose.

If you can integrate this Truth and make it a living reality, you would bridge Heavens and Earth and make them One, which they are, and understand that your earthly vehicle is the only way by which Eternity (The One) can experience the illusion of temporal existence, as your Divine Soul (facet of the One) reintegrates every day its temporal vehicle gifted by the Divine earth Mother.

This celebrating of each day as a Birth-day is what brings the temporal biological vehicle back in tune with its Root Eternal Self penetrating and inhabiting it, and, as they both unite in Love, they heal each other and help the individual overcome the illusion and fear of temporal life and the illusion of inexorable painful decay.

This will do more for your longevity, rejuvenation, healing, and celebration of Life than any constant polishing, waxing, medicating, and obsessive luxurious feeding of your outer biology and its internal cells.

You will then feed yourself at your core with Divine Light of One and Joy of Oneness and that will outshines all other forms of obsession with aging and fear of oblivion.

You would Love your Spirit and Biological Vehicle as Oneness and respect and care for each as they gift you, when united, a human experience.

Aging is based on the fear of illusory death, and hence is all about a misconception of what Life and death really are about. They are but two states/perspectives of what your Divine Self experiences. You can overcome it if you realize that there is NO real death and you so-called die to this earthly existence every night and will do it again and again every day in the Eternal pulsating in and out breath of Spirit at it goes in and out of the biological vehicle.

Celebrate EACH day as your real Birth-day and you would not need so much creams, physical procedures, medicines, and obsessive focus on nutrients. This is Divine Healing Itself.

The game of Life and its perceived death is only an illusion as The Eternal One tries to experience and restrict itself into temporal existence.

You are Eternity and you never ever age. That is totally impossible. How can the One age? Get it?
For in truth your biology needs your loving realization that both itself and you are but originating from One and Being One and need to operate in Oneness. This realization and celebration of each day as your Birth-day with all of your caring friends and you celebrating theirs will do more to achieve what may only seem to be miracles at all levels of your being.

Celebrate each Birth-day and Love it as the perfect (Father/Spirit and Mother/Matter) couple who brings temporal experience to Eternity, and you will be surprised at the results. Let go of the old programs separating Spirit and matter for it is all One not two. It cannot be two!

In Truth, you were never really born, nor can you ever really die. You have always lived and it is my wish for you, one day, to fly free beyond birth-days as you fully know that you always lived.
So my dear friends, as for every day, I wish myself and you a happy Birth Day as we were all Divinely Born today, as we will tomorrow, as we all play and celebrate the Only Celebration that can never end and is worth Celebrating: Life Itself.

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