Have Humans Been Created From a Future Us? Is it all True Series #185

There is a reason why the inter-dimensional beings will save us in the end. This reason is complex. First, we provide an unlimited pool of emotional energy, which they love to bathe in. We are unlike 99% of all beings that exist in our galaxy. I believe there are a few thousand planets nearly identical to ours. But in the scheme of things and the pure math, we are truly a minority species type. So that alone makes us a bit special.

There was a time, in the very distant past, millions and millions of years ago, when our type of planets existed. But for the most part we destroyed ourselves. Yes, there probably were some major natural disasters that took some of the planets down, asteroids, comet collisions, star radiation and polar shifts. Nothing much humans could do, and the higher non-human intelligent beings believed in a hands-off policy.

But this hands-off policy changed, and I am not sure yet why. About one million years ago (a nice round number) someone in the universe said the humans must be saved.
For they are our past and we cannot ignore their historic importance. So if you get it, we are them from their past. We live in their old third-dimensional realm, their realm of their past. So about 350 thousand years ago, we were placed first on Mars, but it only took 100 thousand years for humans to destroy that planet, so our creator modified this other planet, which we call Earth and some of the remaining humans were bought from Mars. So modern man has been around here for about 250 thousand years. We were doing all right except something went terribly wrong the last 200 years, (another posting to explain that).

So how will they save us? Well, through a massive re-education program, or as I like to call it –cosmic mind control or mind alternation . We are becoming a different being; so different that in 50 years we will not know ourselves as we were. We will only look back and wonder who were those beings, and where did they go, for they don’t exist anymore, the Neanderthal of our time. The time has come to save ourselves from ourselves with a little help from our future selves.

Sleep Tight – the Earth waits in wonder of the New Human – we will be here– soon.


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