Have some been enhanced to see UFOs and mentally survive Contact? Is it all True Series #220

I have spent thousands of hours with contactees/abductees and have come to several conclusions about their experience. Some people seem to have experiences such as encounters with UFOs and non-human beings at various times of their lives. I have talked to a few people who can remember having dreams in their mother womb of an alien encounter before birth.

One of the largest early contact groups are people who remember lying in their baby beds and having Grey type beings looking down on them. These Grey type beings communicate with these babies through direct mind contact, not in words but in pictures. The most popular age group for first contact is 5 to 6 years old when they have a close encounter some small closet beings. There are very few people who actually have their first genuine encounter later in life because in reality they did have earlier experiences that they were able to suppress.

So let’s define the concept of genuine encounter, typically an experience that is vivid and non-forgettable, will be with them forever. The bottom line is that this UFO/Contact experience is predetermined in the mother womb. So why did someone or something give some people the ability to see UFOs and have contact and to survive the encounter? It was a completely a random event. People from all walks of life, all races and all religious backgrounds have had encounters.

I believe that there is a distinct group that sees UFOs and have some type of contact. Think about it, it has happened over and over, someone (with-in a group) sees a UFO in the sky but only 20 % of the group can see the UFO and they are the ones also having the close encounters. And people who see one UFO will see more if they pay attention, many more UFOs in their lifetime.

Being able to see and experience this phenomena close up is both an opportunity and a curse. Before birth something is done genetically, chemically, or structurally to modify these very small infants. These contacts have cosmically linked together many that have gotten married, because the urge is strong to share.

Sleep tight; reality is truly not what it seems


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