Heaven for Animals- Priscilla Garduno Wolf – a storyteller

Cruz and his Angel Dog–This was one of my favorite story’s told by my grandmother passed down to me. In Northen small town of New Mexico, in the year 1915- lived a young Indian boy by the hill side of Taos,New Mexico- His name was Cruz (means cross). he planted a lot of corn in his fields which he traded with the town folks for other food. Cruz was a quiet lonely boy and lived in a small cabin big enough for him. He carried water from a small creek down below the hill. One day a white small dog appeared to Cruz and followed him home. Cruz named him Angel- Angela in Spanish. Angel followed him everywhere like a Angel. Angel loved to go fishing with Cruz- Would sit very quiet and watch him catch fish, Cruz loved his dog very much, they became best friends. One day a bad rain storm over came Cruz and his Angel dog while they were fishing- No one ever saw Cruz and his dog again. Cruz and his faithful dog Angel had fallen into the river and drowned- The Angels from Heaven saw what happened and came down in Cloud formation to take their spiirits to heaven. But they were pinned under a big rock- so their spirits stayed on earth. Cruz and Angel did not realize they were dead and begin walking home- They came up to a fork path where it split into three roads – Grandmother said:

There were three markers -1-2-3-

Cruz and his Angel dog took path #1 on his right side- at the end of the path was a gate with a tall man dressed in black–guarding the gate. you can’t come in here with your dog the man said; leave him out here and I will walk you in. Cruz answered; No! I cannot do that, my dog and i don’t separate.. They walked back to the beginning of the paths and begin to walk marker #2— At the end of that path was another gate with a man guarding it- he was dressed in purple.Once again he was told he could not enter with his dog-he would have to send his dog away. Cruz refused to send his dog away. Back to the beginning they went. Now they took the last path #3 —Grandmother said with a tear in her eye, they were lost. They just wanted to go home. They took path #3 and arrived at another gate surrounded with flowers and big tall green trees. There stood a old man his hair white as snow- he wore a long white robe and he was holding a gold cane- Angel wagged his tail and was so happy. Cruz noticed how happy his dog was, but held back. Enter my gate- the man said. Oh No said Cruz– I cannot leave my dog behind. Oh said the man; bring your dog in this is where all human spiirts live with their dogs. They were finally home. Cruz was blessed on earth with his Angel dog and in Heaven with his Angel dog.

I try not to change the words of my storytelling because they lose their meaning to my people.

most of this storys are told in Spanish….

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  1. beautiful storey from a beautiful being.. i look forward to reuniting our souls sister wolf.
    Little Grandmother

  2. Little Grandmother, I just yesterday had to put my little one to sleep. She may have had a stroke, poison the vet did not know. He gave me 3 obtions. All of which would only be a matter of her feeling better for maybe 3 days. I found her on her side unable to walk without falling 2 weeks before. Her name was Sky Walker, she came to me from an adult student whom had hidden her after she escaped and abusive family by jumping from a second story window. Sky was a little white Chihauhau. I took her to the vet and no broken bones. Her eyes looked crazed, I was unable to calm her enough to place her in a good home as I had my own two little ones. Sky was with me for 10 yrs and was 17-18 yrs. old, my vet estimated her age at yesterday. It has broke my heart. However, I had her cremated and will bring her home and scatter her ashes in my back yard. I have always known about the spirit world I am Native American, Cherokee and Apache, with one grandfather being white. I have always been sensitive to what is around me. I pray the angels took Sky home where she will really be able to walk on the wind as her name emplies Sky Walker. Your story is beautiful, I wish I could have listened to more of them too. It has helped me in my pain of loss.

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