Hi Fructose Corn Syrup — Human or Alien.

As our site’s Mission Statement said – we would do some postings in the health science field, so here is an interesting one.

In our overweight America the obesity rate has doubled during the last 25 + years. Wow- what is going on? It may very well be these four words, High Fructose Corn Syrup. It was developed in the early 80’s. This super sweet, super cheap product is the golden child of the Ag Industry (Agriculture Corp World). Besides being sweet, it is cheaper than common sugar and can easily mix into many products, extending shelf life, and helping prevent freezer burn. Unfortunately the losers are the consumers and anyone who wants to be fit and healthy. This sugar is in a high percentage of processed foods. It is heavily in soft drinks, baked goods, jelly syrups, fruit drinks, and most desserts. Besides adding huge amounts of sugar and calories to the products, this high sudden shot of fructose, disrupts our metabolism and makes us gain weight. It puts the liver into mission impossible mode and forces it to throw out high levels of fat into the bloodstream (triglycerides), not happy stuff for the heart or the arteries. And to top it off, HFCSs drive our bodies to want more; we become “addicts”. You can’t eat just one Oreo.

Also other studies on diet and women have stated high carbs and high fructose increase colorectal cancer, and pumping kids with fructose drinks can straight out make them sick, besides fat. And when you thought it can’t get worse, overloading the intestines with HFCS can cause cramps, bloating and the famous loose stools. Personally, I used to notice when I ate too much of the stuff all of the glands in my upper body were swollen for several days.

In conclusion, DO NOT EAT the stuff– your body knows; it is screaming STOP. You know we have talked about ALIEN mind control–implants, etc. Maybe now, body-control- it would be a wonderful way for them to sweeten and fatten us up for the slaughter.



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