The Cabal have been working on perfecting this holographic technology further. This involves not only remotely projecting high-grade 3-D holography, but also the stimulation of particles in the area of the image to give “weight” or solid “substance” to the images being projected. This is extremely advanced technology. The Cabal are currently in this phase of development, and having some success in figuring out how to produce 3-D, solid, life-like figures, human or extraterrestrial. Coupled with force beams, these solid holographic figures can have impact on environment and people.

I don’t know how much more “Perfect” the Cabal Units can be in their perfection of remotely projecting high-grade 3-D holography. I am not educated in this area of technology therefore I just learn from my experiences and while guiding my clients through hypnotherapy I seem to learn more as time goes on. In agreement with Dr. Boylan, yes the Cabal has grown very strong in this area of projecting high-grade 3-D holography because of the work they conduct with their own separate “contracts” with “highly devious extraterrestrials” misusing and distorting benevolent Star Visitor technologies. These devious extraterrestrials objectives perhaps, are to be the first leader of “One New World Order in our planet earth”? Perhaps to be able to be the highest leader in this known “Universal Federation” for their own control of not only humans here on planet earth, but controlling all “universal extraterrestrials throughout the vastness of the universe? Taking away all freedom of life as we know it and falling into the depths of this Cabal control.

Some of my clients that I have guided through hypnotherapy who are “taken” (“abducted”) several nights during a one week period by these rogue cabal units describe such high-grade 3-D holography…..or is it holography at all that is being projected upon them? Discernment comes into play here. The scenario of their holograph experience is full of “real life” moments of their life experiences, full of knowledge, learning while being taught through some top notch human scientists who work closely with these various “cabal” extraterrestrials. Is this a game conducted by these devious Cabal Units who use these abductees in this manner? These abductees who are unwillingly “inducted” into this realm of structure and who are taught and/or most potentially had a device implanted into an area of their brain to be able to break apart particles as an example; an armor car, to have it diminished into a small pile of dust, or to be able to melt this armored car leaving a black puddle of sorts on the ground. How about melting down or having the capability to break down into very small particles destructive warfare as we know its capabilities of destruction in today’s life time by using the learned powers and given technology from these rogue cabal units and the deceitful extraterrestrials. To be the “chosen” abductee to experience this type of life it gets quite frightening for the abductee because knowing he does not have his/her own control over his/her own bodies, mind or spirit. It is taken away from them.

Is this the first step of a 3-D Holography scenario that the abductee steps into unconsciously or consciously? Or is the abductee free in spirit and mind to examine his environment before a 3-D Holography is in place? Firstly the abductee is given the chance to be able to hold, feel, the smallness or vastness of the “item” he is to “destroy” i.e. using a particular part of his brain, so his senses and mind tells him what is presented to him is real, i.e., strong metal, something concrete telling his brain that the “item” he is to “experiment with” is in fact constructed out of a real substance known to him as “earthly” made.

Holographic scenario is set up and yes, the ensuing enemy or occurrence is projected where the abductee’s life is endangered promoting great fear into this particular abductee that the abductee then totally, and automatically is thrown into such a realm so he can use this part of his brain, that we normal humans do not have the capability of using yet. This whole 3-D holography scene is projected not only in an unknown deep mountain forest on the west side of New Mexico but Cabal Units are filtered throughout many countries on planet earth.

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