Hold the Focus: the next 4 Years and the Non-human Entity Connection- Is it all True Series #40

Will 2012 led us through a frequency belt to change our consciousness forever?
The harmonic frequency of the Earth is about 7.83 MHz. If we can sync our individual frequency to the Earth’s, something quite amazing happens; the mind has a crystal clear vision of peace and tranquility. I believe crop circles are our tuning forks and can help to bring us back to harmony. Human conscious growth depends on this harmonic Earth frequency, and if we sync with the earth we can survive the cosmic wave of the future. To get to the 7.83 we must “clear the decks“ of all negative human baggage, which has frequencies at higher or lower levels compared to the Earth.

There are two methods to clear this baggage; one method is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques (see my April 26th, 2008 posting). Another method is Deep Inner Mediation. Personally I think EFT is the easier road to the clear path. Deep Inner Mediation can take years to perfect, and we may not have years.

The making of a non-human entity connection/contact is all about your frequency because to control the mind/body frequency is to control reality and to see the others around us. The Earth sees all, its frequency is tuned to the universe. By clearing out all human emotional baggage our own frequency will migrate towards 7.83Mhz.

The more people who can hold the focus (7.83MHz) the easier it will be for others to jump on the cosmic journey. Holding the earth’s frequency is like each human carrying one musical note in a vast cosmic choir.

Be fearless in the space you hold.

2012 will pass, some will see or feel nothing, but those who have held “the focus” will see and feel the new paradigm of 2013.

Enjoy, life is truly short.


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  1. Here is what I am proposing to defeat the dominions of hell. I am going to build an alpha structure that will emit a resonate wave of 7.83MHZ with a displacement voltage around 10K….. that will produce a field around 87.3 yard in diameter….
    anyone inside the field will be ALPHA. The feelings should be as a collective consciousness…. Anyway it should be fun to try…. voltage increases up to 100k is available….
    Cost around 300.00

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