Honor Your Intuition- Tawn Head – Is it all True Series #209

The NM UFO/Paranormal Forum was proud to present Tawn Head. She has been the clinical director at a non-profit that does extensive work with the Albuquerque Police Department on domestic violence cases. She is also licensed therapist, professional Intuitive, a minister, public speaker, Reiki Master and an international radio show host. Quoting from her bio, “she sees herself as an informational vehicle or avenue for her clients- to help them begin to open to ideas and allow shifts in consciousness that can facilitate transformation and changes in their lives.”

There are several “Keys” in Tawn’s world; first is that we all have intuition, have used it in the past, but many have forgotten. Tawn teaches people how to access these abilities.
Tawn’s intuition was challenged early on with negativity from her family members and her church. She was targeted with fear-based labels; they would say it was evil, work of the devil, and even witchcraft. That kind of cultural reaction made her suppress her passion in helping people with her intuitive skills. Early in her life, domestic violence and divorce were themes in her childhood and she also lost her 19-year-old son to an accident. These dramas and tragedies forced her to develop her survival skills and she began to look at life in a very different way. She feels events are doorways to opportunities.

She challenged everyone in the audience to keep a journal on what they feel and sense.
What is in your dreams? What do you see in the corner of your eye, your mind’s eye? What is your gut feeling? Watch for the results, you will develop trust in your intuition, and then act on it. Our society is blocking our intuition; be fearless and use it like you use your eyes to see and your ears to hear. As Tawn said – always honor your thoughts and your intuition.

Sleep Tight – Remember you were born with it; use it.

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