How Can One Live? By Mary Muñoz© March 15, 2009

Over the past several weeks I have been uncertain of what to write about. My days seem to run from one to the next, without any resolve to my questions to, “Why all of this is happening and what does it mean?”
Individually I believe all those who have had the opportunity to experience have found themselves wondering what it is about too. Some will follow one path and others another. There is no single direction that one will go because we each come from different outlooks on life. So how do we individually go on day-to-day knowing the things we do?
Initially I began to question reality, specifically my religion. Then I went from there to questioning my family and wanted to lay blame on them for what was occurring. How could they! How dare they! Then I gave up and didn’t know what to do or what to believe. What was my purpose here on Earth?
So what could I do or not do to resolve my lingering questions? Then I met a fellow experiencer, and after a year of communicating I realized I was in a box of questions that had no real answers. It seemed as though I was making this up as I went. I began to learn that there is so much more complexity to this pondering question that even those who are in the know would not have all the answers themselves. They would like to think they do, but even they have to admit there is more going on than they have technology for; whether it was from Extarrestrial or Time Jumping, it didn’t matter they were and are lost too.
So what have I learned? I have learned that life is okay when you learn to not allow the things we don’t understand to take full command of who we are. It is okay to wonder and experience, but it should not be the ultimate resolve in life. We need to see the beauty around us and experience the things this holographic life provides to us.
By living life out of fear I made myself more afraid of the things that would be presented to me, whether Extarrestrial or by those who are part of the club of knowledge, call them what you want. This group is good at trying to destroy and they would use my knowledge and experience to bring me down, shut me up, and keep me fighting myself within that box of reality. And you know truthfully I had an event over a month ago that did that exact thing. Do to that moment in time I now have disassociated myself with them and will not play their mindless games of fear anymore. It is not worth the energy. So for now I will spend my time writing, when I feel I have something to write about, and I will enjoy all the things that I can manifest in my reality. I hope that all who read this can do the same for themselves.
So how can one live life? For me it is easy; keep breathing in life, do not allow the questions of the situation overtake you, just see it for what it is, go on, and follow your dreams. For isn’t that what this reality is? A dream manifested. So what do I want to dream? For me it is love and light! For the rest of my family, it is up to them. I don’t choose their paths, they do and so do you.

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  1. stay special keep writing. we all are born with a gift in life, and we share. life is beautiful even when we are sick, and well. we all came to this earth to make a difference.

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