How is August 6th and Modern Day Ufology Linked?- Is it all True Series #149

On August 6th 1945 all hell broke loose 1400 feet above Hiroshima Japan in the form of the most destructive force ever, ever unleashed on humans: the “Little Boy” A-bomb – great f-ing name. 140,000 people, mostly civilians, died either instantly or a painful death weeks later. Of course many will say the Japanese either deserved it or to stop this war and save lives we had to kill the innocent. And most were the innocent; Japan was ruled by an emperor or dictator, and the Japanese general population had no say in their country’s war of aggression. The dictator and their version of our military industrial complex were running the show. And yes, history would show that the Japanese killed many people and some were innocent. Chances are we knew they were coming to Pearl Harbor, but chose not to pay attention so we could be drawn into a Pacific war. Pearl Harbor for the Japanese was strictly a military target; they didn’t try to kill civilians as the US did.

So then unbelievably only 3 days later before the Japanese sort out what happened to them and possibly surrender, we the US of A dropped a little cutie called “Fat Man” on Nagasaki killing 70,000 more people. Most at ground zero were incinerated to nothingness – no body or ashes to bury. So the United States truly used the first Weapons of Mass Destruction,

And now the UFO angle and the connection to August 6th 1945 – the second that Atomic reaction started it send out a proton wave into the inner and outer space signaling we had done something very bad, beyond universal comprehension. We as humans were now able to totally destroy souls, and this outside of the earth realm is truly a no, no, and against all principles practiced throughout the universe including inter-dimensional levels. So the New Era of UFO started at that moment when that intense flash lit the sky on Japan that fateful day in 1945. The inter-dimensional beings came to stop further destruction of our own souls; up until then they had never interfered with us humans. Before 1945 we were only a curiosity and now we let the Atomic Genie out of the bottle and they had to get it back in. The death of bodies is not important, but the destruction of one soul rocks the cosmos.

The above is a very sad tale about Humans and their mission of self-destruction and the Other beings trying to save them.

Sleep Tight, get a pet from a shelter and always be loved.


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  1. I agree with most of what you say,however i have to disagree with the part about the UFOs having been created or started because of the “A – Bomb” as there is sufficient evidence that actually points to the U.S having stole the plans for a saucer shaped plane from the nazis.
    The story began when the war had ended and the allies invaded Berlin to find a heap of highly scientific and technological plans/blueprints. One of these blueprints was also in the process of being built and was basically a plane that was shaped like a saucer and could hover. After the war and the invasion of Germany,the blueprints were taken by the Americans and keep hiden for a very long time however there is documentation that you will be able to find now that will confirm what i am saying.
    The fact that the sightings of the UFOs were around the same areas that the U.S had been test flying planes for years shows that it was a human mind that was flying or controlling the planes, also the sightings were used around the same time as “The Cold War” and was hyped up by the government in order the news to travel world wide before using them as spy planes over Russia.
    If any of this sounds like it maybe far fetched just ask yourself, why did the sighting start in America and stay there for so long?, why did the planes then fly over Britain?, i mean why would aliens care or know where they were and why would they follow a human thinking path which is to fly over a american airspace used for test flying planes and then decided months later to visit Britain.
    I believe the government has been corrupt ever since the end of WW2 as this is when Bilderberg began,UFOS started and John F Kennedy was assassinated (after informing the American people the secret group trying to run the world). I say it is change we want and change we need.

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