HYBRIDS: a continuation (b)

Some researchers feel that Nordics are the hybrid children who are conceived from the female human ova or the male human sperm which through the process is mixed with the sperm or ova of an alien species? As we examine the Nordic specie, as an example when we the human mothers deliver this very small hybrid baby after a three month gestation period; and you see this small baby who looks part like you (human) and part like them (Grey’s perhaps) many of the hybrid babies will have the large almond shape eyes but having the white of the eyes with the normal human iris. Many of the hybrid babies though are born with the full black large shaped almond eyes. If you are fortunate to be able to follow the growth of this hybrid child, you will notice the growth of normally blond thin scraggly unkempt hair. But all Nordics do not have the blond hair, as the Nordic I have constant contact with, he has dark brown hair.

The once pear shaped head may have developed more so into the shape of a human head as alien growth takes place. The normal small alien structure of the alien body may have filled out therefore looking more human size than alien. If this hybrid is part human/Grey specie then what accounts for the extreme height of a Nordic? All Nordics I have seen, met and dealt with are seven feet tall! This leading to the question, if Nordics are the hybrid children, are these hybrid Nordics bred with the human egg and sperm? Then what happens to the smaller hybrid human/Grey babies, children and adults? Do they become workers of sorts amongst their species? Are these small Grey hybrids continued to be bred with human species until they appear fully human looking but have the intelligence of their alien predecessors developing into a super intelligent human?? So then are these hybrids who look more human and who would be able to function in our world thus making it easier to be accepted by the human species on our earth, and bridge our worlds then together? Or possibly populate a new planet, how about Mars, Saturn, or how about even our Moon?

There have already been many reports of hybrids living in our world. These reports have been confirmed by many abductees through researchers who report the same findings of information coming from these human abductees who have actually seen these hybrids and have had encounters with them on our earth. When human abductees report, and draw independently the same alien hybrid. There have been many reports of hybrids operating in the human world, driving automobiles, shopping in stores, and behaving more or less naturally in other mundane places and manifesting the kinds of powers aliens have, i.e. the ability to control minds, and to communicate telepathically. There has been no sign that the infiltration is evil, or malevolent. These hybrids seemingly want to accommodate themselves to earthly ways, earthy manners, wanting to learn how we do things; as in survival in our world?

Another aspect is and coming from male abductees who wake up paralyzed with a human like female on top of the male engaging in sexual activity with this human male. I’ve read reports that perhaps this human hybrid female will have an unusual feminine hairdo or “have a wig on” to appear more human to the male abductee thus making the whole sexual act easier to carry out. These male abductees do have a difficult time coping with such experiences. The male abductee is not sexually excited in a normal manner, as they feel appalled, often repelled, and helpless, and it appears the whole sexual act is carried out through some control the aliens have over our neurological system. Normally the male abductee will notice another female hybrid off to one side apparently being instructed by the female who has mounted him as to how to have sexual intercourse. If these alien hybrid females are having sexual intercourse with human males the question is are these hybrid females able then to get pregnant and carry this hybrid baby? If so, then why do the extraterrestrials continue to impregnate human females in such a manner to propagate, breed hybrids?

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