Hybrids of an Alien Type – Have they survived? Is it all True Series #190

I have been studying the hybrid alien theory for much of my life. I believe the earliest hybrids started appearing around 1958. They were extremely weak and fragile; many were carried as twins in a human womb, an Alien/Hybrid with a normal human fetus. I would only think these beings thought this pairing would strengthen their lot. But apparently most died at birth, and this group I call Phase I. So in the middle 60’s Phase II of the inter-breeding program started. This time the hybrid twin was removed before birth, normally four months before the due date. This is generally known in the medical community as the missing twin syndrome or vanishing twin. I believe the vast majority of these were not fetal resorption, like we are being told. After removal at 5 months they were placed on a special diet of a highly nutritional liquid. Also human mother-types were bought into nursery facilities to nurture these preemies. They talked to them, held them, rocked them and maybe nursed them. The abducted mothers are sometimes told these were their children. Once the hybrids are about 4 to 6 months old, they were put into circulation through unknowing adoption agencies around the world, but I believe the majority these adoptions were here in the United States. This group of hybrids did a lot better than the Phase I group.

As Phase II hybrids grew-up, physically they were doing quite well but emotionally they were a disaster; they never fit into the mainstream. Many in their teens committed suicide and others were sent to mental institution for treatment, while many others fell into the seedier side of society into drugs and prostitution. And finally many just vanished.

So Phase II ended in the 80’s and then Phase III started late 80’s and into early 2000. In Phase III they used a higher percentage of Human DNA and less alien. Emotionally, this group did quite well being nearly normal in society. They were highly intelligent, but in the early 2000’s they started dying because their immune system could not adjust to the huge environmental changes. The Alien DNA is very fragile and cannot adapt to change like the pure human can. Maybe in some ways we humans are a superior being. So I figure in early 2000, the group of beings that were doing this breeding program packed it up and left, never to return. They have moved on to another galaxy, solar system and planet looking for the right mix, to improve their lot.

Sleep Tight, as you move between many different realities, not remembering one from the other, and that is unfortunate.


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