I Tell the Future # 1 Sandy Penny

“The only reason to know the future is to either cooperate with it . or change it.” –sandy
penny, 1978

I suppose that saying “I tell the future” is inviting a lot of challenges because, honestly, no one can tell the future all the time. The future is not like a movie that has already been made and is just waiting for you to watch it. Wouldn’t that be a drag? The future is changeable and malleable and responsive to every choice we make. So, how is it ever possible to tell the future?

We are creatures of habit, and over a long period of time in our lives, we develop habits that contribute to the future that gets created, our own future. And, our emotional response to others also contributes to creating our future. And, we are born with some predispositions to certain challenges, decisions, choices and outcomes.

Like the old adage says, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

It is not easy to change our essential nature, our childhood programming and embrace a new way of life that will change the future and give use new and better outcomes. It takes a conscious effort.

I began doing psychic readings and providing intuitive spiritual guidance in 1976 after finding the Chapel of Prayer in Houston and meeting Rev. Eleanor Button, a Christian Mystic and teacher. She and others at the Chapel taught me to look at the world in a new and different way and to embrace the “hunches” that came so naturally to me.

They taught me to pay attention to my own inner guidance and to take steps based on that guidance and to ignore those who discouraged me from my path because of their fears. Now, I wouldn’t know any other way to live, and I still have to confront those who are afraid of the choices I make, and afraid of the chances I take in life.

But I have come to trust my inner voice beyond all others, and the only reason I do readings for others is to demonstrate that the information and guidance is available, and that it can be trusted.

When I sit down with you to talk about your personal future, I will always tell you that “based on the current trends and decisions you are making, this is the most likely outcome.” If it is not what you want to happen, then I will work with you to empower change in your life . change that you choose, not what I would like to see for you.

In addition to our personal future, there is the future of the world and the future of every group consciousness in this world. Each of those larger dynamics can have an impact on our personal future – if we let it, and if we choose to step outside the group consciousness, we can live a life empowered by our heart’s and soul’s desires, the truth of who we are and why we came here to this planet. And, emotion is the driving force for our alignment with the group consciousness or with our own personal cosmic life map.

I urge everyone to be conscious and aware as you choose to participate with groups. Ask yourself if their agenda matches what you want in your life. If not, don’t be afraid to step outside the group and find those who are more closely aligned with your personal needs.

I spend a great deal of meditation time tuning into the larger group consciousnesses on this planet, like the country I live in, the world consciousness, cosmic consciousness and divine plan. I always ask what the highest and best good is that I can focus on for the outcome of a big change.

This year is considered and has been empowered through many group consciousnesses to be a year of huge change. Whether that change is good or bad will always depend on your point of view. When I see a change heading my way that I am not vibrationally aligned with, I begin sending out conscious images for a better vision and a better outcome. If we give away our power to affect the future to a group consciousness, we may be choosing by default to participate in unnecessarily difficult circumstances.

This New Age is meant to be filled with joy, creativity, community, compassion, empowerment, and freedom of choice. It is hard to take responsibility for the choices and the repercussions of our choices. It is easier to blame it on the government, or the weather, or unnamed evil than to boldly hold a place for our highest and best future to manifest.

Please release your fears, your negative judgements, and your unexamined bandwagons so you can embrace the future you truly want. Only by knowing that you are important to the future of the world and acting as if you are important to the future of the world can you claim the power you came here to express. We all have amazing contributions to make to this world, and it’s time to create the future form a place of “what you want,” instead of “what you don’t want.”

The future is created through emotionalized visions, and it has no word for not. It sees the pictures, feels the emotion behind the picture, whether fear or love, and creates from the power of the emotion. Emotion is the fuel. Vision is the blueprint. You are the architect and others are the construction crew. Nothing on this planet is ever created or built without first having a vision of it.

What kind of future do you want? What kind of pictures are you empowering with your emotions? What choices are you making every step of the way that either takes you closer to your joy or further away from it?

This world will be a happier place when people live empowered lives that reflect their true nature of love.

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