If-you-are-an-abductee-what-can-you-do- ? -Is it all True Series # 325

alienI have been a UFO/Paranormal Researcher for all my life. So in the course of that journey I have interviewed and worked with hundreds of abductees. The first rule is don’t panic; we are all in this together, and I mean all.

If you have a relative that has hinted to strange non-human nighttime visits, there is a good chance that you have had them also. This experience is very much a family affair. Many times the children awaken first to the reality and start talking to the parents, and hopefully the parents are open to the conversation for the best of the family. But of course many parents suppress this type of conversation, because it can be perceived as a scary scenario. This is an unfortunate outcome, because hiding and avoiding it doesn’t make it go away. Once it starts it will continue for years; I have had clients who were in their 80s and still having encounters.

Why we have encounters is unknown. Many speculate the “beings” are using the humans for something. And I believe there are several groups responsible for the encounters and their reasons are probably different. No matter the reason, how you deal with it is the question here. And I will repeat here that once you feel like you are visited or taken, don’t panic; this is a livable situation. Many have survived and lived wonderful productive lives, even knowing that as “experiencers” they play between two realties. As I was told many years ago by a group of beings, “reality isn’t what it seems.” No truer statement has ever been said.

Know that there are many people around you in the same situation and attempt to contact them. Nearly every area of the country has support groups; if not, start one and they will come (the contactees/ abductees). I run one of the largest in the country here in New Mexico, in the heart of high strangeness. Our group, the New Mexico UFO/ Paranormal Forum, has provided help for many of our members. We have other abductees/contactees, hypnotherapists and other compassionate people. You can contact us through this website at mike@truthseekerforum.com.

And the most important thing is there are millions of people like you all around the country, so they will not be hard to find.

Sleep tight, help is all around you…


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