Indigos of Today, Changelings of the Past—Is it all True Series #50

Last week I did a posting on a Fairy swarm in northeastern Washington State. In doing my background research on that posting I came across something called Changelings which come from Western European folklore which typically describe these beings as offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other creatures. Folklore describes these creatures being left in the place of human children. Many countries of the world have these Changelings legends from Scandinavia, Ireland, Spain, Malta and even Nigeria.

Some feel that the Changeling beliefs stem from the births of deformed or mentally challenged children with a variety of diseases like spinal bifida, and cerebral palsy. In the past this Changeling phenomena may have been used to explain and maybe justify the unknown diseases plaguing their newborns. There are many interesting characteristics that portray these little beings, such as voracious appetite, malicious temper, green tint to their skin, dislike for wearing shoes, wisdom beyond their years and special powers and abilities. It was said that these little beings would tell their human host parents that they were not their children and that they were bought here under protest.

I have heard of similar characteristics from parents with the Crystal/Indigo children of today. Of course my beliefs on the Indigo children of today is that these beings are a new upgraded human-type with genes from a hybrid (alien/ human) mixed with genes from a group of enlightened humans (i.e., humans who have reached spiritual freedom from earthly fears).

Changelings may have been the first attempt at gene manipulation by a group outside of the human race. Now humans are trying to make a new human as we play with the human genome. I say whoever is doing the changing; please help us stop our own extinction before our time runs out.



Those cute little ones

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