Inter-Cranial Communication – did it do our Roswell Being in? –Is it all true series # 199

I must first give credit for the title of this piece to my friend, Hank Worbetz, and his recent book, “Reflections of a UFO Investigator.” Of course the Roswell story had a million beginnings and endings and a huge diverse middle. No story has ever had more crazy and amazing theories.

So one of the stories goes that the one entity that survived the crash didn’t survive the human encounter. And here is the story in brief. An army interrogation team was assigned to work on the Alien and get as much intel as possible. But one problem was that this alien didn’t communicate in a verbal manner. He was a telepath and a powerful glamourer (like in the Vampire stories). The security guards noticed the being bending their psyches when they were within a short distance. As Hank said in his book, the interrogators were infected by the powerful cognitive contagion that was making the intel team subservient to the agenda of the entity. And remember the surviving entity probably knew full well we had shot them down with a new radar beam weapon.

So the entity’s agenda was probably not a good one towards us. Still we had murdered some of his buddies. I know I am thinking and talking like a human and these Grey types are far from human. So at the very least he/she/it wasn’t happy to have its journey interrupted. Hank goes further to say our interrogators were originally trying to get intel on their Antarctic Base. Well the intel team didn’t get the goods on the down under base. But sadly the people on the interrogation team were scarred forever. Which is the same reaction that abductees have being close to an Alien being; it changes you forever. But I am not sure it’s for good or bad. But I fully believe time will tell as some event could trigger these Experiencers into some kind of action.

Well the story ends with the military security guards killing the being. It’s remains are probably at Wright–Patterson AFB in a big jar, for the pleasure of a select few military personnel to see. And I many years ago talked to someone who saw the jar.

Sleep Tight – for tomorrow there will be another story/theory about Roswell, but remember dead alien beings tell no stories


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