Iraq's Nuclear Stockpile Shipped to Canada

The Canadian Press announced the last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program, a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium, reached Montreal on Saturday to complete a top-secret U.S. operation. The removal of 550 metric tons of “yellowcake,” the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment, included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a voyage across two oceans. The Iraqi government sold the yellowcake to a Canadian uranium producer, Cameco Corp., in a transaction the official described as worth “tens of millions of dollars.”

A picture that would not transfer over is a landscape picture taken either by satellite or airplane. The picture is of an Orginal Centrifuge Plant, Earth-covered Underground Bidgs 323,000 sq. feet each, a 95,000 sq. ft. Bldg. under construction, a tunnel entrance and Admin. Bldg.

A Cameco spokesman, Lyle Krahn, said the yellowcake will be processed at facilities in Ontario for use in energy-producing reactors. “We are pleased . that we have taken (the yellowcake) from a volatile region into a stable area to produce clean electricity,” Krahn said. U.S. and Iraqi forces have guarded the 9,300-hectare nuclear site since its discovery. The deal culminated more than a year of intense diplomatic and military initiatives – kept hushed in fear of ambushes or attacks once the convoys were under way. It also brought relief to U.S. and Iraqi authorities who had worried the cache would reach insurgents or terrorists crossing to Iran to aid its nuclear ambitions. The uranium yellowcake alone is not considered potent enough for a so-called “dirty bomb” – a conventional explosive that disperses radioactive material – it could stir widespread panic if incorporated in a blast.

In April, truck convoys started moving the uranium from Tuwaitha to Baghdad’s international airport. Then, for two weeks in May, it was ferried on 37 flights to Diego Garcia, an British Island the Indian Ocean where the U.S. military maintains a base. On June 3, an American ship left the island for Montreal with 3,500 secure barrels of radioactive nuclear material. Iraqi authorities claimed the more dangerous nuclear material had been shipped to Syria just before US forces launched their military attacks.© The Canadian Press, 2008

I was sent the above article in regards to a written memory that is recorded in “Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee”. On page number 353 titled “CORNBREAD”. I had mentioned several times throughout the Government/Military Abductions section of actual memories dealing with Saddam Hussein. I feel with the release from The Canadian Press which is dated 2008 is a confirmation for me and others who experienced this actual memory that I have recorded in my book. Even though I had the experience on December 6, 1998, is it just possible that the Canadian Government and as well as the United States government found this the appropriate time to release this information?? For those of you who have not yet purchased my book “Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee” below is the segment of what I have recorded.

December 6, 1998
We woke up at 4:00 a.m. Something was wrong with my nose. I felt it and it began to bleed. There was a lot of pain, as well. My right leg (the one that had been affected by post-polio syndrome) was hurting badly. It felt as if I’d done some extensive walking or climbing. Those activities always adversely affect my right leg like that.
Not only did my leg hurt, but my body, as well. I felt tired, as if from working hard, then realized I had not done any hard or heavy type work during the week. The memory came back to me then. I had been abducted by the government that past night.

I was lying on a cool concrete floor inside a large concrete building when I woke up. There were about four other abductees already standing up or in the process of getting up from the floor. I noticed some men dressed in camouflage and others in white lab coats. They were yelling directions at us. Directly in front of us were several rows of stacked yellow boxes. We were instructed to pick up the boxes and carry them carefully. We were told, “Don’t you dare drop any of them! Get them outside to the truck.”
We were not told what was inside the yellow containers. As my vision adjusted, I was pulled up from the floor and told to get my ass moving. I walked close to the first stack of yellow boxes and picked one up, thinking it would be quite heavy. I was amazed to discover that it was very light. The box was about 1 foot by 1 ½ feet. The boxes were not made of cardboard, but of a sponge-like material.
I was yelled at and told to get in line and get those boxes moving and get them into the truck. I was curious as to what was in the containers. We were not to ask what was inside and were told to shut up and not talk.
As we walked in unison, carrying our containers, someone told me to think of cornbread…that we were carrying cornbread. We walked through a doorway large enough for a truck to drive through. I felt a cool breeze hit my body as I walked through the doorway. It was not cold outside, even though it was December.
Parked outside was a large, gray, panel truck with black numbers. I remember some of the numbers being 432. There were no other identifying marks on the truck. Inside the bed of the truck was a large Caucasian man with dark brown hair. I believe his arms had freckles on them.
There were lights on outside. The concrete building looked like a military warehouse. We handed our containers to the man in the truck. He stacked them neatly and tightly in the padded truck. I don’t remember how long we worked, carrying the yellow cornbread containers.
Since we had to be quiet, we were able to hear the men yelling that if they did not hurry, they would be found out and they had to meet the deadline. There was a lot of excitement in their voices. I did not pay much attention to what the men were doing, just remember seeing men running and rushing about.
I recognized some of the other abductees as people I had worked with in the chemical laboratories. I had an idea of what we were carrying. I think we were carrying vials of the green substance that we had analyzed.
I was not sure of the location of the warehouse or where the cornbread containers were being taken. I did not know most of the men I saw that night. We finished our job for the night. I don’t remember much of anything else.
I woke up the next morning in my bed. I could hardly stand up! I felt as if I had worked all night long. I was so tired, my body ached. I had bruises on my arms and legs. I noticed needle marks on my arms. Whenever I am injected with whatever they inject us with, I always have a pounding headache afterward. I felt nauseated and had dizzy spells
It takes awhile to focus on life after one of these episodes.

So where was the location of this facility that we had been taken to? I thought it was in the United States in reality I thought the proximity was actually Sandia/Kirtland Air Force Base here in Albuq. (note: Kirtland AFB is no longer a base here in Albuq.) YellowCake or CornBread?? Is this one and the same? I don’t know what type of containers nuclear products are shipped in. If shipped in small quantities, would it be lightweight or heavy?? The question still remains, did the Corn Bread containers have to do with the green substance or actually by products from nuclear substances?? Oh yes, by coincidence, I did by accident find such a truck with the very same numbers on it. Yes, it was a grey colored military truck. What is your opinion on this I would like to know? Do you have an answer??

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