Is a Major Flap a present- WIP- as I post this ?

” I am getting a rash of sightings from around the country – has a Major UFO Flap started ?”

Hi MWiz,

Wanted to let you know we saw something very strange in the sky Saturday (3/7)

We were out side late around a fire pit and Jennifer looked up and spotted something and 4 more of us saw the same thing. Later I believe she saw another.

Very high in the northern sky we saw this bright orange “worm” like thing undulating in the sky. It seemed to be moving very slowly towards the west. It seemed to have a front part.

Looked it up today and saw this video that looked a lot like what we saw. Ours moved in much the same way. But again, ours was late at night, very dark sky and it was bright orange.

just thought I’d share with you.

🙂 Diane

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  1. when our time on earth is changing we all will see many unknown things from the sky. the closer we get to 2012 the more we will see. very neat video

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