Is It All ET? By Mary Muñoz© December 28, 2008

This week I am going to have some fun. I want to jump out of the ET phenomena and share some ghostly encounters that have occurred with my family and me. Not to say I won’t get back to the other…I will. I just wanted to take a break and lighten up the scene with some horrifying yet comical encounters that we as a family have shared.
In The House
Yesterday was like every other day. I got up, walked to the kitchen, started up some coffee, all with a night light in the distance dimly shining. Now as I am pouring the water in the pot I see a mass of white mist in front of me. It was there only for a second before it moved out of my line of sight. Then later that day my husband looks down to find that the dog, which brushed up against him only moments earlier was air. My husband swore he was petting a dog. My daughter was sitting the night before on the loveseat with me when she sees a human arm that appeared to be dead pass by me, between us.
Interesting Correlations
One could consider ET’s and ghosts to be the same thing; they come in and out when least expected. And when you see them, knowing they are there, you can’t believe it. Unlike the ET phenomena the ghost phenomena is something that continues to visit us on a daily basis where we live and they make sure that we know it. If it isn’t one of us seeing something it is the group of us, and this group can include our animals as well. Even one of them had been attacked by something out of nothing. We never did see what she was barking at and what made her run out of the dining room yelping with her tail between her legs.
Like with the ET’s each of us has experienced this form of phenomena since we were young children. And like the ET’s it is the most memorable ones that keep us knowing something is going on. What is even better is when we all saw the same thing at the same time. It is then that we know there is no question of what just happened.
Down The Road
We are driving down a quiet back road from La Junta, Colorado to Trinidad, Colorado. It is quickest way to return home when we are visiting family in the Lamar, Colorado area. This was a first and the last time we would ever drive down that stretch of road during the nighttime.
It is late evening; the sun is set beyond the boundaries of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range to our west. The stars would intermittently find their way through the clouds that hung over this vast desolate landscape of the Comanche Grasslands.
The two lane road had not been updated for years and the wear and tear was evident. The darkness of this vast empty land didn’t lend to good visibility either. The limited light from the starry night and the evidence of no moon made it even darker. And with these things in play we decided that to travel at a high rate of speed would not be good thing, though we wanted to get home before 3:00 AM.
After traveling what seemed like a million miles we see our first and only set of head lights during the entire drive down this stretch of highway. We are now about a quarter to a half mile apart. Though there was darkness all around one could tell that we were both peeking small hills that would ultimately lead down to a small ravine. As the truck got closer; it was a large semi that was approaching, we saw what appeared to be a wolf, lion, or deer shaped aberration of pure white. Talk about a ghost. It was huge!
Clarification to the reader: Abe saw the shape of a lion, Hannah saw the shape of a deer, and I saw a shape of a wolf, though I could have argued that it was a horse.
So Abe, Hannah, and I turned to each other to validate what we had just seen. We had each seen something, but what we were not sure of. The wolf/lion/deer shoulders reached to the middle/upper grill on the truck. We estimated at least 4 foot high. The length span of this animal had to have been at least 8 – 10 feet. We never knew if the other driver had seen it or not. The truck never moved as if to avoid something.
We come to the spot where we saw the white wolf/lion/deer. We didn’t see anything in either direction that we look for some evidence it was still there. We didn’t get too far down the road from that spot when the backseat window went down. Hannah asked why I rolled down the window. I told her that I didn’t and that the child protective lock was set. I tried rolling the window back up, but I had to take the off safety feature first.
Needless to say our journey took a new turn. We saw something that none of us had experienced before. To this day we do not go down that stretch of highway late at night. We prefer to know what is around us. We have made several trips back to the area, but not a single one has presented the apparition we saw that night. Then again the drive was always during the daylight. Have a wonderful New Year!

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