It Isn’t Always Me Part 1 By Mary Muñoz © January 4, 2009

Over the past several months I have shared sightings or incidents that usually involved me, but today I am going to do a two part series on my husband and daughter. They have had their own sightings that I had nothing to do with and I would like to share with the reader other incidents with other perspectives.
The experience I am sharing today is Abe’s, which he had before we met. Then next week I will share an experience, with permission, of Hannah that she had. The incidents I share are the sole ownership of them and I do not take credit in them. I am very blessed that they allowed me to share a bit of their time with you.
The location is just west of Berthoud, Colorado just east of the towering Rocky Mountains nestled within the rolling hills that led up to them. My husband, Abe was at his ranch with his family asleep in the house. His then wife, two children, and brother were all there. He had gone outside to the front patio when he had notice three disc shaped objects hovering about a hundred yards from the house and a hundred and fifty feet off the ground. The time was between 10:00 – 11:00 PM. The year was 1985.
The discs each glowed. One was blue and two were red. Being that he knew no one would believe him, without a witness, he went into the house to wake up his then wife. She didn’t believe what he was stating and told him that she didn’t want to go outside. He then went to his youngest brother who was staying over with him and had him go out to verify what he was seeing. They get out to the patio and they were still there hovering in the same location emanating the same glow.
Now Abe’s brother waited about ten minutes watching the objects with him when decided he wasn’t comfortable with the situation so he went back inside the home. Abe, being extremely curious, stayed outside for another 20 minutes watching the objects just hover in the same spot wondering who, what they were, and why they were just hanging out. Then in a flash the blue one headed north toward Cheyenne, Wyoming and the two red ones headed south to Denver, Colorado. He never knew their purpose, but he will never forget that night.
© Abelino Muñoz Jr.

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