Journey into the Wild and Crazy-Part II-Is it all True Series #86

Whether you believe it or not the universe is inter-dimensional. How many dimensions does it have, you ask. No human probably knows how many because the sheer concept of inter-dimensionalism (I think I made up a word) is very difficult for us humans to grasp. This concept is the “key” that opens the next greatest frontier. Once you enter this amazing realm, our minds will expand a 1000 times. Our present dimension is suppressive and keeps us humans small. So how do we get to this place of “ Big”?

On my northern Washington journey 2 weeks ago, I tested a theory I formulated and dreamt about several years ago. Gateways/ portals/ vortexes to another dimension exist all over the world. They can be found by dowsing for them if you are sensitive enough to feel them. There is a second way, but I am holding that one close until I am sure of the result.

On Friday before noon, we set out scouting Sasquatch territories and gold nuggets.
Well after a long mountain ride with little luck for gold or Mr. Bigfoot, Kewaunee told me a story about a place where ‘feelings’ run strange. In my book that means a possible vortex-portal. This particular location was close to a dirt road with easy access, to shoot photos. The area was made up of rolling hills and a mixed density forest with small streams near a 7500 ft mountain peak. So I got out of the car and walked along the road and started shooting dozens of pictures with various zoom settings, long shots, low shots, close in and high shots. So what did I find on these photos? I will tell you I was amazed, but cautious after the initial excitement wore off. What I see through my eyes and mindset can be completely different from the reality of others. So until I get confirmation from my peers, I am not releasing these photos to the public.

Was what I saw a glimpse of another dimension with beings coming in and out of the gateway? Note that with the naked eye, I saw basically nothing, just a few lights and shadows. The camera speed and the zoom lens are part of the key to capturing these images.

Sleep tight – the other dimensions are waiting.



Do you see the Being ???

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