Kewaunee, Comanche , Me and Mt. Rainier

This is about another adventure with Kewaunee Lapseritis, my good friend and man of many talents (see his page). One summer day several years ago we were out on a search for Bigfoot. We decided to spend a day climbing Mt Rainier up to the glacier area. Kewaunee had dowsed and the results showed two Bigfoot crossing that area. Our hopes were that I could at least see the their footprints,since the chances of catching them were slim to none (also they are inter-dimensional). So Mr. K, his wonderful dog Comanche and I started the long trek up the mountain. The weather was perfect,the sky was crystal clear,and we could see for 75 miles out into the surrounding countryside. After about 2 hours of climbing, Kewaunee howled “Stop” . I thought- wow – Bigfoot was near, but not quite. Suddenly Kewaunee directed my attention to a point in the sky several miles out, where I could see two specks (something moving towards us). As the objects got closer, they were birds, large birds. So they slowly circled towards us. Suddenly Mr.K told me to stand back about 15 feet. He was standing very straight and still with Comanche at his side. The birds were coming closer and lower. Now they were overhead, and suddenly Kewaunee moved his right arm perpendicular to the ground with Comanche under the arm. One of the birds was diving down at break-neck speed toward Kewaunee, an amazing surreal sight. To my disbelief the bird landed on his arm,and it turned out to be a bird of prey,(not sure of the name) about two and one-half feet tall with large talons. So now they are looking eye to eye,and it looks like they are communicating with each other, I nearly fainted at this strange sight. The bird remained for about five minutes until a hiker came up the trail. I found out later that Mr. K brought the birds in by projecting “Love” to them. Next– oh there is a little more–then a woodchuck walks up to him and Comanche and they stand there, also communicating with each other. Wow, double wow -what a day.

And Bigfoot, well we never got to the glacier. But I didn’t need a Bigfoot encounter. This was still a day I will never, never forget.
My friend Kewaunee can be a person of True Magic

Mr K.Bird of Prey

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