Khat Hansen Speaks: Divine light – the protector of Bigfoot and more.

Light has many divine qualities: it is immortal, it cannot be destroyed. It is invincible, light is miraculous it can be at many places at one time.

Science stipulates that the light we see here in our universe is also impacting several other dimensions at the same time,this may be the reason why, in religious ceremonies, a candle is lit with a prayer so that in essence, the prayer will travel with the light thru many dimensions and carry the message with it to the Creator.

Thus I ask the questions: If light is miraculous can it therefore be intelligent or alive? I answer with a resounding “YES!” to both of these. Humanity knows them as Orbs or Foo lights. They are sentient continuances of our Earths own life being.

This is why they react and act with intelligence. They are capable of realizing what humans and animals think and feel. Able to grow in size and to act logically or whimsically. Therefore in my opinion they are alive and feeling themselves. My people have always known them and accepted them as friendly visitors. They are known as watchers. One of their jobs is to alert the Bigfoot as to who is in the forests and what their intentions are. They are the eyes of the earth, the sentries to alert animals of hunters. To watch and to interact with humans. To keep us all interconnected to this earth,her animals and to each other.

As such Orbs are intelligent,miraculous and always watching.

Khat Hansen 2010

3 Replies to “Khat Hansen Speaks: Divine light – the protector of Bigfoot and more.”

  1. Be ready to stare into the eyes of humanity
    It is time to bring the walls of deception down
    and forever enlighten the conscious of humanity
    My children will rise and shed all darkness from
    all souls freeing them releasing the most powerful
    light energy the world has never seen

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