" Larry King Live"-UFOs have made it to the Big Time -Is it all True Series #41

This week I was going to do a Blog posting on Missing Time, because of a recent personal experience. But I started watching Larry King Live and lo and behold, a group of experts and skeptics were debating about the presence of UFOs, so I had to jump on this one for my Blog.

As the program started I looked at Mr. Larry King, and thought if you shaved his head and stripped him naked, he would look a lot like a little Gray elder alien. OK—try to forget about that – that image is just too traumatic to handle; we would have to get out our EFT manuals.

Seriously, the program started out with an interesting segment on how UFOs in the 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s have caused nuke sites to malfunction at several different USAF bases in the US. This basically meant deactivating the missiles into a no fire-mode. Three ex-military guys built their case, which I thought was quite effective. The thing that I thought came across was that the chance of 10 missiles with nuke warheads being de-activated at the same moment was like winning the Power Ball Lottery. On the other side of the fence Bill Nye, the science guy, tried very weakly to prove that it just couldn’t be. He makes a very poor de-bunker; maybe Larry’s team could do better next time.

Next it was Stanton Friedman – the physicist of the UFO world, although he gets ahead of himself and his enthusiasm makes listening to the debate somewhat difficult. But he is truly a solid, courageous individual and a very smart guy to boot. Stanton didn’t beat around the bush; he clearly stated out of the gates –Flying Sauces are real. No doubt in his mind. That is why I have always liked him; he stands up for his passion and his wisdom. Bill Nye again tries his lame grade school science to debunk Stanton. It did not play well, Nye turned red–faced and sat there shaking his head. And don’t misunderstand me, Bill Nye is a nice guy and a good teacher, but he knows nothing about the UFO phenomenon, and he was a poor match against these experts.
Maybe these beings have prevented a nuclear World War. Remember after we dropped the A-bombs on Japan, UFO sighting increased greatly during the following years up to and including now–look at the major sighting in the UK lately. Are they are watching us, and keeping us from destroying ourselves? Maybe. We can only hope, since it seems we keep trying to extinguish ourselves. I guess they need us for something, but for what is the question.

Well I understand Larry may make this a regular thing on Friday nights—You GO Larry. Maybe you are the King—or a small alien being in big suspenders.

Sleep Tight –Tomorrow will bring more adventures – Enjoy.



The King — the Alien ?? We love you Larry for the courage.

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