Last night ( 02/16/11) Happenings – from D Camillo

Hello all.
Last night was full of activity, many people, many masters, many crystal skulls, many beings, many creatures. Some seemed very animated, like they were hyped, (reminded me a bit of when I saw the vehicle disappear), some were calm, I spoke to them for a while and I listened a lot, much communication took place and of course I was so tired I did not write everything down.

Earth changes, the need for finances, water and food will all be amplified soon. Many warnings happening to prepare us about earth changes. They say that we already have known and do know, so those who are “Awake” will move and many, many are going to perish. Stock up on water and food, more than 2 weeks worth, have enough information back up manualy so we can function with out cell phones, computors, TV. Good time to have a bike. Car issues from electronics.

Cooking as if we are camping. Time to look at planting, fruit trees, vegetables etc. Move out of flood zones to higher elevations. Those who can accomodate horses may prepare to get them. Radios needed.

Learn skills, be prepared. It sounds frightening, but does not have to be, it is about being together in communities and anticipating, do not be the weakest link. Have materials and items set up to be prepared. Have cash handy. Try not be dramatic, this will all be OK, we will be OK where we are here. This is a big shift coming, and it is needed for improvement.
I was told over and over, I will be OK, I just need to be prepared. Read up and have plan for basic needs. We will be helped and protected. The high politico’s are not going to take care of us, they are going to take care of themselves. Start talking to those who you can build a community with, everyone watches out for each other.

I did not get a specific timeline, one of the beings said it is happening already, slowly and now coming closer here. Grandfather and St Germain were present and they were encouraging I was told I would be fine and to have a plan ready. Some of us may not experience any glitches at all, and some may only experience a few days, anticipate, be prepared and not reactive.
Many untruths will be told. Look within, meditate, trust self first.

Abundant Blessings,

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