Lead Codices From Jordan?Is it all True Series ? #195

I was reading an interesting post from my friend, Colin Andrews, about an amazing discovery in Jordan, 70 lead/copper-ringed books. Some were normal book size while others were the size of credit cards; some were sealed and others could be easily opened. The writing was in a form of archaic Hebrew script with ancient messianic symbols. Some seemed to be written in a code. An Israeli farmer said his great-grandfather originally found these books about a century ago and hid them in the cave.
The farmer recovered them and smuggled the items into Israel. Some are saying these items are 2000 years old; a piece of leather found with the items was carbon dated to the first century AD.

Like all new discoveries, many are crying fake, which is always possible, because in the black market of the antiquities world, major money can be made. However, the director of Jordan’s Department of Antiquities said these items may be a major discovery into the years of Jesus after his crucifixion. It is quite interesting that these types of sealed books are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It talks of a sealed book that only the messiah could open. Also there are other texts that talk of sealed books of wisdom, and Jesus used to pass formation [DID YOU MEAN A DIFFERENT WORD like “information”?] to his closest disciples using these sealed books.

But again many of the images are unfamiliar to many of the experts, and so here is where my interests come in. As I was browsing the images I noticed some of them looked like images I had collected from my interviews with UFO contactees and abductees over the past 40 years.

Are these books from a very non-human, non-Jesus source? Or is Jesus and his followers just another group of interdimensional beings who have visited our realm, to interact with us strange-but-interesting humans. If so, the Jesus group is somewhat rare because most of these ET-type groups have no desire to get too close to us, but rather choose to instead observe us from a distance, like looking at the animals in a zoo. I truly believe these artifacts are something very profound, not just to Christians, but to all mankind. They are speaking to us, and we better listen.

Sleep tight – discovery and wisdom never stop amazing our world.

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