Legend story of the crystal dolls by storyteller Priscilla Garduno wolf

I have always loved legend stories. My grandmother and family members use to gather on Friday nights and tell old stories about the past. True or not its what you learn from every story, its what you have always learned.

The crystal Dolls and Medicine woman White Wolf

It was over thousands years ago the beginning of the Indian village on the land now called Phoenix Arizona.

Hohokam tribe …. White Wolf was a very powerful healer,artist, and keeper of the Crystal dolls.

That were brought to her by the Star people. Each doll controlled the weather and seasons.

North Crystal white doll was called the Winter Spirit-controlled the snow,cold weather- it cleansed mother earth .

East Crystal yellow doll was called the Summer Spirit. controlled the Sunrise,heat,a new day, a new beginning -gave us light.

West Crystal Orange/Red doll was called the Fall Spirit, controlled the sunset,change of colors of our trees, and gave us rest and sound of music,

South Crystal Blue doll was called the Spring Spirit. Controlled the rain, crops and growth.

The crystal dolls were given to Morning Star until outsiders entered our land and the loss of the crystal dolls vanished. Loss of Spirituality.

It was said; before changes on the earth the star people would come back to the Indian people and bring back the Crystal dolls.

on Art work- the star space crafts were Triangle. like the ones seen in Phoenix Lights in the 1990’s…

to the reader this are just legend stories…. enjoy…

There are many stories of the Crystal skulls, one was found in San Luis Valley.Colorado.

One pyramid Crystal was also found in Colorado in 1955…

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