Lets talk Alien Types , Is it all True ? part 4

It has been said there are 125 to 200 alien being types on earth presently or in the recent past. This is a wonderful group of hardy souls and some without. Let’s start with the Greys — three types: 1.) The small guys with big heads and big eyes are (Rigelians). They don’t care much for us in a human way, but survive on our secretions; 2.) The Zetas are about the same as Type 1. Face and fingers are different and a little smarter and a more passive group. Do not need our juices (so a little friendlier you may say); 3.) The Clones of Type 1 and Type 2- their servant race.

Next the Nordics – the beautiful beings – mostly blonde hair, blue eyes (a reflection on a preconceived human beauty trait) The Nordics are in a non-interference mode when we need help, except maybe if the Greys suck too many of us dry.

Nordic clones (gray shade in the skin) are toys created by Greys Type 1 to do their bidding– workers.
Tall Race – seven to eight feet (have a great inter- galactic basketball teamJ) buddies with the Nordics.

MIBs (not Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones), but a kind of a FBI of the Cosmos, very pale skin, ask questions to intimidate UFO witnesses, love large black cars and sunglasses (sensitive vertical pupils). I have had clients who loved to throw verbal curve balls to confuse them, typically they leave the scene, shaking their heads- they are programmed for a set of responses and seemed to have a beehive matrix for a brain.

Inter-dimensional types – they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, basically of a peace loving nature, but always a little scary to look at.

Hairy Dwarfs — bit of an orange skin color – reddish hair, very thin and short, neutral group, a little curious nature – with a trickster side.

Short Humanoids— 1 and 1/2 feet tall to 2 ft. tall — blue skin — love to vacation on the Mexican-side of the border.

Those are a few of the characters that are hanging out with us; many of them love the underground world.

One last thought, most of these groups have been hanging here before man existed — so who is truly the Alien?



Look closely anyone you recognize ?

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