Liz – Revisited- Part 1. —-Mary Muñoz—- © June 29, 2008

Truthfully I don’t know where I left off from this forum and I have not looked back at my postings to see where that might have been or how far into my history I had ventured. Since I prefer not to do this I will begin with a new and fresh look at what I have learned about my life as a generational experiencer, a bloodline, and daughter to a secretive organization.

I do not come here to harm, hurt, or destroy anyone who is within or close to my life. I do not
come here to bring a shadow of doubt upon anyone who has had their own experiences, whether they consider them positive or negative. That is not up to me to decide. I can only express the nature of my life and what I have come to learn from it. I don’t expect anyone to believe or disbelieve what I have to say. Just sit back and enjoy this time.

My last posting was some time ago, under the name of Liz, which is a shortened version of my real name, Mary Elizabeth. When I initially wrote in this forum I thought it would be best for me to write in a way where I could stay anonymous to the things that were happening around me. I would find out that this is not the case. I had only done a few entries when I when I stopped
writing abruptly due to what I considered to be serious threats; to those I love, through repetitive dreams. Since I tend to not have repetitive dreams I take them seriously. So with that thought I stopped making any reference to anything to do with my experiences, my life, and my family connections. And this is where I am at today.

Even last week I wrote an initial draft, which I had sent in, and negative things began to happen around my life. I really don’t understand why, because I am not out to harm anyone. I just want to share what it like to be born within a weird set of circumstances that covers a vast area of thought, which includes, but is not limited to: out of this world beings, dimensional existences, and yet a quirky connection to the reality we call Earth.

“Who are the ones that are causing such problems for me?” I don’t believe it is one person, organizational group, or force. It is a combination of many who have their own agendas whether they sit in the physical or spiritual realm; they are all like minded and work together yet separate in this matrix we live in.

What I know or don’t know is the problem for not only me, but apparently for some of them or I would not be running into the problems that I have over my lifetime; especially when I talk; like here today. You might thinking to yourself, “We all have problems now and again,” but before you judge me, listen to my story. See what I have gone through and then make an informed decision. This doesn’t mean that you have to believe me; because if I had not gone through it myself I would have not believed it either.

We need to open our minds to the possibilities…more next week.


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