LIzard Woman and the Sky Bird –UFO‏-by Priscilla Garduno wolf

Lizard Woman,
Many years ago- stories told by our Elders.
As two men were walking through the wooded area close by their camp.
They seen a Sky Bird with many eyes> (a UFO with many small windows around it)
The Sky Bird landed and had bright blue lights around the bottom.
There was no sound only silence.
Then a strange humming noise –
as it opened up and a huge Lizard Woman came out of it
as it touched the land it turned into stone.
Big Bear walked up to the craft, and seen the Lizard people.
And one on the ground had turned into stone.
The craft lifted up like a bird and vanished into the sky .
The Lizard woman was left behind as a stone.
Lizard people have been seen in Colorado as other places.
Many past creatures have been seen,
Story’s told by my Elders that they escaped underground.

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