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Magda Havas is Associate Professor
of Environmental & Resource Studies
at Trent University where she teaches
and does research on the biological
effects of environmental contaminants.
Dr. Havas received her Ph.D. from the
University of Toronto, completed Post-
Doctoral research at Cornell University,
and taught at the University of Toronto
before going to Trent University in
Peterborough, Canada.

Here, she examines whether or not
microwaves are affecting population
growth by interfering with reproduction?
Is our love affair with wireless technology
responsible for ill health? These are the
questions this video explores. This video
is intended as a wake-up call. We are
doing with microwaves what previous
generations did with lead, asbestos,
cigarettes and DDT. Microwaves are
making us ill and are adversely affecting
other life forms. The sooner we become
aware of this the sooner we can use this
technology more wisely.

Video (9:28 mins):

Dr Magda Havas, PhD – Conspiracy Theory:
Population Control & Microwave Radiation

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