Man-made Earthquakes – Is it all True Series #212

Are we causing earthquakes? High intensity electromagnetic (EM) waves can be slowly introduced into a fault line and cause an earthquake. It’s called a scalar weapon or an interferometer. These weapons can definitely cause small quakes and just maybe huge ones. It has been rumored that the Haiti quake in Jan 2010 was accidently caused (let’s hope so) by the US playing with a scalar weapon. Please check out additional information about scalar weaponry in our posts 1/16/10, 1/23/10,1/30/11,and 2/13/10 (use search box upper right corner). There are thought to be about 10 countries that have these scalar weapons and possibly one or two terrorist groups.

As far as the US Haiti quake rumor is concerned, Venezuela believes we totally did it, but that’s President Hugo Chavez’s theory. But now let’s talk science and gas/oil fracking, which is injecting water and a cocktail of chemicals deep into the earth to release gas and oil to be recovered back at the surface, to keep the oil companies fat and rich. There is a county east of Oklahoma City, which a few years ago averaged about 50 small quakes per year, going back a hundred years, but since fracking started a few years ago this last twelve months 1050+ quakes occurred including, a 4.6, 4.8 and a 5.6 (a damage maker). Similar situations have happened during the last few years in Virginia, Arkansas, the UK, and British Columbia.

Please note there are thousands of square miles of potential fracking land throughout the US. The National Academy of Sciences is studying seismic effects of fracking and they will issue a report in Spring 2012. And note we have not mentioned the ground water contamination caused by fracking, which is another problem just as tragic as the manmade earthquakes.

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Potential Fracking areas in Red

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