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A client brought to my attention this week a problem she is dealing with. A problem that many alien or MILAB abductees deal with at some point in their lives. Yes, I too have dealt with this intimidating problem as well. Many well known abductees have expressed and spoke of this problem in hopes to gain significant information as to who, what and why. Many abductees explain it away as “THE MEN IN BLACK”,

A very small percentage of my clients can describe having experiences with aggressive men who actually dress in black. The majority of my alien/MILAB clients and some well known alien abductees including myself have experienced men or women who are dressed in everyday wear. These people appear to be human as does the Men in Black. Reports from many eye witnesses, who are abductees and researchers show that “Men in Black” do shape shift from human species to one of the different species of Reptilian. The question remains who do they work for, the government or one of the diversified universal extraterrestrials, such as the Reptilians’?

The work of these “humans” is to instill fear, anxiety, and terror on their “assigned” human abductee. Abductees can be plagued by this particular syndrome for as short of a period of one week to over a year or perhaps many years.

As an example of “their work” is what this client has been experiencing in the last year. The “exercise” begins slowly then progresses to perhaps once, twice or more per week.

One early summer evening in northern New Mexico my unsuspecting client walks out of her home noticing a round white light in the distance, thinking this light is a UFO. The light approaches closer to her home and she realizes that the light is at a low altitude. She suddenly hears the sound of a small airplane. The airplane flies over her home circling twice above her home. Nothing weird she thinks until many months later when once again she exits her home in the evening seeing and hearing the sound of an airplane noticing this airplane is flying at a very low altitude once again. Memory jars her back of the airplane that flew over her some months before. This small airplane circles her home again two to three times then flies off to the nearby mesa and disappears, as it did before. Experiencing this same scenario several times during the evening hours, low and behold it begins to happen in daylight hours. Now she can identify this small airplane that is flying just above the electrical lines as she had thought. This red and white plane constantly circles her home as if she is the target or person of interest. This same scenario happens many times during a month. Consequently, recently the airplane flew over her, she told me that a very large RV was parked just on the other side of her house. A red RV. She stated “many travelers who travel in RV’s stop in this area” “just on the other side of her home”. How convenient and an opportune time if in fact someone is trying to instill fear for some reason in her. What a coincidence a red and white airplane and a red RV. Hmmm something to think about. Presently she is experiencing fear and some anxiety and questioning the Who, What and Why question.

The phone rings one evening at my home and on the other end of the phone line is an excited male client anxiously telling me he is tired of these two males who drive up the dirt road to his ranch home. He is tired of replacing the locks on the large gate as these men break the locks. They drive within twenty feet from his home and do nothing, say nothing but render intimidating stares toward him. If he tries to approach their “black late model car” the car is quickly put into reverse and they hurriedly back out far enough from him to turn around and leave. What do these two gents want from him? Unlike the first example of the first client this client knows he holds some interesting information given to him by the Greys and Reptilians. If these “gentlemen” happen by his home again, they will be looking down a shot gun.
To be continued.

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