Mermaids and Mermen: Part 1–Is it all True Series–#244

I have been a paranormal researcher for over 40 years. For the past five years I have done vortex photography and have captured many interdimensional beings on digital media.  I have pictures of Sasquatch, Ancient Ones, Fairy People, Wee people, ET types, Forest Spirit Beings and other strange beings of unknown categories.

So with that said, why no Mermaids? I have heard stories about them for many years. I recently heard an interesting one through the internet grapevine that reported that sonar from the US Navy beached a pod of whales and within the pod was an alive creature that was very much like a half human, half fish. Now this Hybrid type being was not a beautiful longhaired human looking creature, but rather had more of a monkey face or maybe a little like “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”.

And there are other government groups that are aware of these creatures. These others are not happy with the Navy’s powerful deadly sonar project, since it probably kills thousands of our close relatives such as porpoises and whales, and I guess Mermaids/Mermen.

I have also heard from a couple of reliable sources that sighting by the locals are very common on an island off the coast of Papua New Guinea. They call them “Ri.” The locals’ descriptions of the Mermaids were that they have a more human looking head with lower flipper/fins. There are places on this particular island where the locals can go on a daily basis and see one or two Mermaids fishing or swimming around a reef. These water beings will raise their heads and hold their hands up, to show the humans on shore that they too are some part of the human race.

Wow – the world is strange and wonderful, so much to learn.

Sleep Tight – More to come on Mermaids and Mermen in Part 2 next week.




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  1. Is this a real mermiad couse if it is than thats cool. I got one Question to ask does mermiads and mermans are real.couse i want to know. Im really curios bye the way. well nice.

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