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Though we are still two weeks away from our next newsletter I wanted to let all our subscribers know about two upcoming interviews I will be participating in. These are my first ever live interviews and I intend to discuss the current status of the Apocalypse Island project and the fundraising for the 2010 Eclipse Expedition to the island. As if by divine decree, the dates of the interviews are on the anniversaries of the only two Transits of Venus occurring within our lifetimes.

On Sunday afternoon, June 6 at 12:30pm Mountain Time (2:30pm Eastern Time) I will be interviewed by Duncan Campbell on KGNU out of Boulder, Colorado on his “Living Dialogues” radio show. This date is two years to the day before the Transit of Venus in 2012 and promises to be an illuminating discussion on the profound implications of the Mayan Eclipse monument and its significance for the evolution of our culture. For those listeners outside of the Boulder area the show will be streaming live and can be picked up at:

On Tuesday night at 9pm Central (10pm Eastern) I will be interviewed by Todd Sheets on his Nightwatch Radio Show which can be found online at: ; This date is the six year anniversary of the Transit of Venus which I witnessed from the shores of Sperlonga, Italy back in 2004. Todd and I will discuss the more alternative dimensions of my research including the recent revelation of the “ley lines” or Earth energy which appears to course over top of the island monument.

I hope you will find the time to join us for these discussions and learn more about this important and timely project. You can also visit the website for more information and follow the link on the 2010 Solar Eclipse page to our Kickstarter project page to help support the July 11 Eclipse Expedition. The quest continues!



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  1. Hello Jim and MWiz, I recently watched the televised program on Isla de Robinson Crusoe or “Apocalypse Island”. Is the location of this possible monument the only place these cosmic events of 2012 will be visible anywhere on earth? Also, why would the Mayans go to such lengths to carve such an important landmark using unfamiliar materials and risk the destruction of such an important monument? By looking at the pictures on your website I fail to see any resemblance to a jaguar or Mayan sun god. I am looking forward to your reply

  2. Hey Jim,

    I enjoyed your tour through the Island, What updates do you have as of today! Are you planning to be on the Island 12-21-12? if so what time of day do think this will happen. I will be off from work on this day to be home with my family.



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