Messages from Other Worlds -Is it all True Series # 315

ToddMichaelWe as humans are getting messages from many sources, verbally from family members, media, email through the internet, through dreams and directly from inter-dimensional entities. In all of these communication types there is a degree of interpretation. We are all fairly comfortable with all the types except dreams and IDE. Dreams for most people need to be written down quickly after the dream is finished or 90% of the dream can be lost within 30 minutes.

Now the IDE (inter-dimensional entities) messages, well they are very complex and layered. I am not going to talk about the content of the messages, but rather who is getting the messages and maybe a few reasons why these people are chosen.

People have been getting messages from Gods, Angels and Demons for a very long time. Humans of Royal blood have claimed contact with these beings since the beginning of time. I believe some of these Royals have had contact, because it would serve the IDEs well to contact leaders if their motive was control of the masses.
Next, religious leaders; again control of the masses would play a role in IDE contact, but here I feel some of this contact is a fabrication which religious leaders have used for their agendas.

Last, individuals; people of no particular background, wealth and even interest in IDE have been contacted and given messages. This last group is the most common and I will state here the majority of humans have had some type of IDE contact but not all with messages attached. To get a message you have to be open to the contact and willing at some level to embrace this type of encounter. If you are not the embracing type this experience will be only a contact and not a vehicle of Cosmic wisdom.

Sleep Tight, be fearless and open and the universe will reward you.


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